This the season of Chaotic, which takes place after the events from Marrillian Invasion.


Few weeks have went by since Tangath Toborn had defeated Vitog and returned to the Spirit lands in Perim. Tom, Kaz, Sarah, Peyton and other Chaotic players have still mourned for his lost when they heard numerous sightings of new creatures in Perim and of a new tribe called the Arkadians.



  • Tom Majors (a.k.a. MajorTom): Tom is now the Overworld expert, and is seen in with Najarin about the Future of Perim.
  • Kazdan "Kaz" Kalinkas (a.k.a. KidChaor):
  • Sarah Cornwell (a.k.a ChaotiKween):
  • Peyton Steele (a.k.a. PeytonicMaster):
  • Krystella:
  • diego (também conhecido como CodeMaster Tirasis)
  • Klaybourne "Klay" (a.k.a. Klayotic):
  • CodeMaster Xolok: The main antagonist and a rouge Codemaster that plots to take over perim and later chaotic. Long ago, Xolok was once a proud and noble CodeMaster when CHAOTIC was originally named CHAOTIX and he was Crellan's closet friend. One day, he was studied mugics and what they're capable of when he personally stumbled upon a forbidden mugics deep within Perim called "Dark Mugix". Facinated, he decided to study it's mystical powers in secret, after further examination, he decided to test this Mugic in his upcoming CodeMaster match. After that battle, Xolok never realized how powerful that mugic was and continues his research into it. For the past several days the other CodeMasters grew great concern for Xolok's sudden erratic behavior, during his recent matches with challenged players, he became more vicious, malevolent, ruthless and sinister, he even informed them of how weak and pathetic. When Chirrul overheard of Xolok's intensions he warned the other CodeMasters, but when they got to his lab, it was too late when the Dark Mugic was absorbed into his body. he was stripped of his title and was exiled to the mipedian desert in Perim for his crimes, and Chirrul took his place shortly after that. And that was the last they ever saw of Xolok. Little do the CodeMasters know that Xolok quickly regained his powers and has built himself a secret lair in the darker regions of Perim, knowing that there's ultimate power that exist in Perim even if its real, the Cothica, Xolok plans to have the power all to himself, with it, he would rule of Perim in darkness and take his revenge on the other CodeMaster and destroy them. After his defeat he mutated into an underworld Ethereal and now serves Von Bloot. He is voiced by (Mark Oliver).
  • SamShady
  • Reggieone
  • M'arrillianator: a M'arrillian player that defeated klay and is good friends with lam'inkal,Milla'iin and fal'makin,he only specializes in only m'arrillian creatures and their minions,he is 10 years old.
  • Underqueen,a newbie female underworld player that has been getting a good reputation by Defeating players,agro999,HotShot,Perimprincess,Mattmiester Bruiser33,Elliot,SamShady and even Hercu-leon thus battling kaz for showing her how great he is at underworlders,her Creatures consisted of Asadab,Ragetrod,Ooloo,Kraade,Gambreor,Kaal,Spyder,Blaaxxa and Kopond while Kaz's team consists of Chaor,Solvis, Phelphor, Rarran, Narfall h'earring, Kiru,Borth-majar and Magmon.
  • CodeMasters
    • CodeMaster Crellan
    • CodeMaster Hotekk
    • CodeMaster Amzen
    • CodeMaster Oron
    • CodeMaster Tirasis
    • CodeMaster Imthor
    • CodeMaster Chirrul



  • Maxxor
  • Intress
  • Najarin
  • Afjak
  • Tangath Toborn
  • Mezzmarr
  • Antidaeon
  • Drayctl
  • Quisk
  • Blazier
  • Laarina
  • Orth
  • Hune Marquard
  • Attacat
  • Prantixx
  • Arrthoa
  • Sukoval
  • Psimion
  • Wrenges
  • Nebres
  • Okaxor
  • Blügon
  • Aggroar
  • Viqtarr
  • Ettala
  • Raimusa
  • Crawsectus
  • Tartarek
  • Gespedan
  • Vidav
  • Crocothor
  • Sluhrk
  • Owis
  • Arias
  • Staluk
  • Yokkis
  • Wytod
  • Aivenna
  • Lystone
  • Zalic
  • Jaidwarl
  • Frafdo
  • Xaerv
  • Iparu
  • Mommark
  • Goularch: an evil overworlder muge and leader to an army of evil overworlders whose an ally to lord van bloot.
  • Vlar
  • Fraxxina Maxxors long lost twin sister who is equally powerful like her brother but is more wise and fast with a sense of humor. she is an overwold hero like her brother.
  • Apocatequiliti an incan-like tiki overworlder guardian muge that is said to master perim's sun and control its electricity. he is also best friends with the mipedian conjurer Savell. his special ability allow's him to use all generic and tribe mugic.
  • Og
  • Ahbohan
  • Grodal - An OverWorlder that resembles a larger version of Bodal due to the fact that he is Bodal's ancestor.
  • Hoton
  • Maglax
  • Inukui: An overworlder guardian warrior that is created by Mommark to protect the overworld from threat's like Goularch and Von Bloot, he is gigantic and ues a pole weapon with war hammer and jade Glaive as his weapons along a spiked shield.his special ability is defender water and when he is destroyed in battle he can return 1 mugic card in the discard pile to your hand.
  • Raznus: after being purified becomes Raznus Purified, during his time at mount pillar raznus remastered the earth and has 2 mugicians, raznus also has the ability to be earth proof 10 and can allow Danians and Overworlders to cast mugic from both tribes.
  • Gronmor
  • Accato
  • Korg
  • Kkraa
  • Ikkatosh
  • Unda
  • Deenha
  • Tenoinja an overworlder hero scout that is a ninja created by mommark.
  • Silchaw
  • Trimdaal


  • Chaor
  • Agitos
  • Takinom
  • H'earring: becomes winner of the underworld colosseum after defeating and befriending Screamer and is now an underworld Conquer with earth and water attacks and 1 extra mugic counter, he also has a new ability which by getting rid of his 2 mugic counters he can reduce exhausting to disciplines to all Underworlder's on the battleboard by 5 for each mugician thay have or cancel out special abilities on creatures, he also still retains is old ability for sacrificing 1 mugic counter and choosing your next 3 location
  • Magmon: go's through training in order to reclaim the lava pond against Milla'iin and becomes Magmon Volcanic Reclaimer,through his training Magmon mastered both the earth and fire element and has acquired 2 mugicians. Magmon is now considered a Underworld Commander elementalist.
  • Spyder
  • Tharax:
  • Zalvar: has become the Underworlds high elementalist and Becomes rivals with Tassinal. Zalvar's new special ability allow's him to give an extra element type to any elementalist on the board.
  • Strikto
  • Khybon
  • Borth-Majar
  • Lord Van Bloot: Becomes Xolok's ally later master in exchange of helping him find the Cothica, Van Bloot will complete dominion of the Underworld
  • Krekk
  • Cerbie
  • Barrath Beyond
  • Ragetrod
  • Pyrithion
  • Nauthilax: Nauthilax becomes an Underworld Conquer Elementalist and can cast fire attacks along with his existing water and air attacks.his new special ability allows him to give a 10 energy to any creature he's targeting on the battleboard once per combat it also show's him with no recklessness or exhausting of disicpline.
  • Bladez
  • Toxis
  • Screamer: becomes friends with H'earring after being beating in the Underworld Colosseum can Perform Fire and air attacks.he gains a new ability is that when he does base attacks that have no elemental damage they deal an additional 5 damage, but he also retains his old special ability to borrow battlegear from other creatures on the battleboard
  • Ilx
  • clatropos An Underworld Commander Conquerer Warrior that has Fire and Earth Attacks, his Armor is made from Khybons Scrap metal and his helmet is similar in Appearance to the Underworld Guards except it has spirals and has multiple spikes and is Dark Gray.He is one of Van Bloots most trusted Warriors.
  • Ultradur
  • Revanyx A Beholder like Creature that is an Underworld muge,He comes from the same family as Solvis and is one of Lord Van Bloots Followers but is Mutually friendly towards humans and is Best Friends to Aokua.His special allows him to give 1 mugic counter each Underworlder in the board.
  • Kamangareth
  • Miklon
  • Iggrog
  • Dagar: a future underworld elementalist muge and ornathor's descendent,he specializes in water attacks has 2 mugicians.
  • Geltod
  • Aokua
  • ornathor
  • Ooloo
  • Gambreor
  • Brrug: A past underworld taskmaster who was the inventor of the Flux bauble and is later revealed to be Hifdan's ancestor which would explain his apperance. Brrugs special ability whens he not in play allows him to bring battlegear back from the discard pile and equip it to another creature on the Battleboard or to Brrug himself even if it is already equipped with another piece of Battlegear.
  • Kraade
  • Seeryn
  • Hammerdoom Chantcaller: gets purified and becomes Hammerdoom Chanetcaller Purified,His card art shows him Batting Danians and fighting Ekuud and Danian soldiers alongside Kamangareth,Aokua and other Underworlders,he is classified as a Underworld Conqueror Warrior,it also gives him new special abilities like Earthproof 20,and retains his old special ability,and now has earth and fire attacks and his 1 mugician returns to him.
  • Solvis: becomes a member of the pyrogenousists and now classified as an underworld taskmaster muge,his card art show's him protecting his fellow muges and underworlders from the Danians after destroying a large section of the nest of the ancestors.
  • Dindyon: he alongside Ultradur,Narfall and Swassa join the rest of the Underworlders sent by chaor to Destroy the nest of the Ancestors,his card shows him as an Underworld commander Warrior and his elemental attacks are fire and water and with him having 1 mugician.
  • Narfall
  • Xield
  • Skaresh: a past underworld elementalist warrior and Xield's ancestor
  • Vololkar: Volcarv's descendent and an underworld elementalist ethereal.
  • Zapetur
  • Kreaal
  • Kaal
  • Kiru: in the past it was revealed that kiru after defeating Kaal, kiru became the new leader of the Underworlders because they needed a new more noble leader and Kiru appointed Vlar as the new overworld leader.
  • Ghuul
  • Rarran
  • Voorx
  • Zamool
  • Galmedar
  • Opto
  • Volcarv:
  • Dregaan
  • Skorblust
  • Atrapol
  • Blaaxa
  • Asadab: becomes an underworld elementalist muge and has begun teaching underworlders how perform water attacks,eventually he becomes Asadab Water trainer,Asadabs new special ability enables by sacrificing one of his 3 mugicians he can target one underworld creature and give water and if it is a muge or elementalist is also gains 1 mugic counter.
  • Drakness
  • Nivenna
  • Rothar
  • Stelgar: gains a new card featuring his old artwork,when at the end of each turn stelgar gains 10 in each disicpline and energy,if stelgar has more than 125 power he can sacrifice it to bring 1 one from the discard pile into an unoccupied area on the board,and if he sacifices his only mugician he can target any creature on the board and give it water.
  • Chargola


  • Theb-Saar
  • Iflar
  • Prince Mudeenu
  • Sobtjek
  • Zhade
  • Siado
  • Vinta
  • Melke
  • Biondu
  • Ario
  • Noaz
  • Brathe
  • Adomo
  • Sevall
  • Tiaane
  • Ajara
  • General masaba
  • Vinta
  • Gnarlus
  • Sobtjek
  • Ubliqun
  • Rudon an apprentice to Fivarth who's a Mipedian conjurer in training, his special ability allows him to reduce the recklessness of a creature by 5.
  • Saand
  • Maliph
  • Tinnoi
  • Lanker
  • Malvadine
  • Qwun
  • Ixxik
  • Na-inna: eventually she leads an assault against ihun'kalin and regains a mugic counter and has mastered the water element.she becomes Na'inna Rao'pahk Reclaimer. Na-inna is now a Mipedian Royal stalker.
  • Kommodon: a Mipedian elementalist who specializes in water attacks and has 1 mugician.
  • Silv
  • Skerrel the wise
  • kehn-sep
  • Dakkamal:
  • Kolmo
  • Bivike
  • Jorre
  • Xelfe
  • Fivarth
  • Ribbian
  • Bylkian
  • Warbeasts
    • Blazvatan
    • Kileron


  • Illexia
  • Vollash
  • Odu Bathax
  • Wamma: Becomes A battlemaster again after valgax's defeat and has the idea of training Other Mandiblors into using fire attacks and he becomes, Wamma flame guard and Wamma Battlemaster of fire.
  • Mallash
  • Daj Huun
  • Drazz
  • Lhad
  • Yondaf
  • Hammerdoom chantcaller
  • Raznus gets turned back into an overworlder again after tom and kaz used nunk'worn tho drain the parasite out of him.
  • Kebna
  • Jaal
  • Aszil
  • Kolmo
  • Valgax: a usurper danian Battlemaster that is in leagues with lord van bloot and once took over mount pillar but he was defeated by the combined efforts of Tom, Kaz,Wamma,Raznus and Aszil but he escaped and joins van bloots army.
  • Lore
  • Makromil
  • Gorram
  • Tabaal
  • Valban
  • Topar
  • Nom
  • Ibiaan: becomes a warrior mandiblor after gaining the position from saving a rare Danian battlegear,also Ibiaan was assigned by Queen illexia to protect the North gate while Odu-bathax was reclaiming the Reservoir but became Brainwashed by Neth'uar and was shown in his card art Battling with other danians to protect the gate while holding off Neth'uar.
  • Skaratalas:

Tribeless CreaturesEdit

  • Probuscar
  • Khyperiax: a Demonic Snake like creature with claws and lava veins. he specializes in fire attacks.
  • Carden Zoar: A lorax like tribless beast muge.
  • kraktowa a squid humanoid Tribeless creature that always plots to take over perim. He is more civilized than the other Tribless creatures and has equal disiplines to cromaxx but has higher wisdom and courage.
  • Smildon
  • Cromaxx: Who was abducted by Xolok from Prexxor Chasm and wears a mystical control collar he created to make Cromaxx to do his bidding. He also enhanced his intelligence with a mix of his dark magic and mugic.
  • Ariak
  • Ursis
  • Giantroper
  • Glektod
  • Vitog
  • Blight
  • Hisser
  • Lupin: a past werewolf like elementalist warrior beast.
  • Crabpion: A past warrior beast that resembles a Primitive version of Kraade,Crabpion's special ability enables him to bring himself back from the discard pile and into the opponent's battleboard.
  • Porthoa: a past beast warrior scout that resembles a caveman version of Arrthoa, Porthoa's special ability enables him not to have his energy reduced by locations and abilities, Porthoa also has the ability to prevents an engaged creature not to use two or more mugic counters.He is native to Ferngora falls, one the new location scans tom won from Codemaster Amzen.
  • Tyrannoborg: a Futuristic elementalist beast that has the power to gain all 4 elements to become more powerful,it was created by mommark but grew to violent and dumped him in prexxor chasm where it became the Dominate force there and the only players to get scans of him are Codemaster Crellan and peyton,Tyrannoborg's other special ability allows to only take 10 damage.


  • Bolpheus: Leader and King of the Arkadians who is a Dragon-like male creature. Bolpheus in known for being noble, wise and caring towards his tribe or anyone he considers as friends.
  • Howlsk: a Dragon/Wyvern female Hybrid and Bolpheus's wife .
  • Ucran: Bolpheus Brother and Master of Fire and Water attacks. He is also the Arkadian battlegear scientist.Just like his brother he is wise and caring towards to humans as tom and kaz has scans of him and is a prankster.
  • Bolmeteus: Bolpheus and ucran's father and previous ruler of the Arkadians who was captured by Xolok and eventually freed by tom and his friends where he reunites with his tribe and family and tom got a scan of him.
  • Drastic a male cicada like Humanoid.
  • Sonderlight: A crystal-like creature that can manipulate Photons.
  • Zalmez: Bolpheus's second in command.
  • Lionel
  • Doroshia
  • Alcadeus: A Hybrid of Chimera, Cockatrice and Fishman.
  • Chen Treg:
  • Giliam
  • Zorvaz
  • Sanfist: the High muge of the arkadian tribe and a close friend of najarin.
  • Kaimon: An aligator-like creature.
  • Quatro Hyde: a female Humanoid that is known as the high elementalist of the Arkadians .
  • Romanesk
  • Rikaru
  • Kaishigi: a humanoid smoke elemental Arkadian warrior elementalist which resembles a ghost that is know to take control the bodies of other creatures including the M'arrillians and be elementally intangible, he first appears possessing Ritzu'dag to combat M'arrillian soldiers and the reason why it is on behalf of bolpheus order to help kaz and tom stop the M'arrillians while keeping the M'arrillians distracted long enough for tom and kaz attempting to stop Klay and Krystella from releasing aa'une but they succeed but in a last ditch effort, Kaishigi possessed aa'une and told his soldiers to back down and retreat only for them to be tricked long enough for the Kaishigi possessed aa'une to fall back to lake Blakeer thus imprisoning him again. he is close ally/friend to kaz and tom and knows the all Arkadians. he uses air and fire attacks in his battles.
  • Palakor: Bolpheus and Howlsk son and is well like his father.
  • Lavaka: Magmons long lost twin brother.
  • Z'rin: Famous for his fire and earth attacks
  • Kabukian
  • Zauruz
  • Monisa
  • Damundo
  • Crath Lade
  • Mercelino
  • Gylius
  • Necrofage
  • Galbizaak

M'arrillians Edit

  • aa'une the oligarch:
  • Phelphor After his fellow M'arrillians were captured by the 4 tribes and Arkadians, he decided to enlist Klay and Krystella to help him free Aa'une in exchange for M'arrillian scans but after Aa'une was sealed again he left and had no other choice but to join Lord Van Bloot's army, Phelphor after his plan failed made him become an Underworld Conquer Elementalist scout but still Retains his Abilities as a Fluidmorpher and he now has Air Attacks.
  • nunk'worn a M'arrillian Fluidmorpher that was assimilated into a danian but after tom and kaz helped him become a M'arrillian again he help them out by fighting off the danians and sucking the parasites out of the other assimilated creatures, he is now a trusted ally to them and tells of M'arrillian plans. After being purified he gained full knowledge of the Danians and their hive through which it allowed him to do earth attacks and gain the ability to gain 5 In all discipline and energy for each M'arrillian or minions on the Battleboard.
  • ketonue A noble M'arrillian chieftain that rebelled against aa'une and has water and fire attacks.He's similar to Rath'tab as they both resembles an energy beings in armor.
  • Mak'ca an past M'arrillian Kha'rall that was frozen in ice pillar like phelphor who wanted to overthrow aa'une and knows all the secrets of his tribe know many ways to cancel out there mind control . He also has 2 Mugic counters in him, He resembles a Sea Scorpion.Mak'ca's special abilities are elementproof all elements 25, intimidate energy 30 and deals and additional 5 damage to past creatures.
  • Bahrakatan the coralsmith.
  • Erak'tabb
  • Milla'iin: Becomes the new M'arrillian leader after Aa'unes reimprisonment and becomes Milla'iin: Oligarch successor.he claimed the title after pulling Aa'unes baton from the city of M'arr alongside his crown which to the m'arrillian regaining their mind control.
  • Rath'tab: sent by milla'iin to steal the tablet donmar,tharc and slufurah and claim it's inscriptions,eventually rath'tab decides to use mugic even though he's going to regret it,he must do it and becomes Rath'tab tablet taker,rath'tab while doing training to steal the tablet eventually gained him 1 mugicain and the air element alongside the water element and is now classified as a m'arrillian chieftain muge.
  • Ritzu'dag
  • Mocka'dyn
  • Ast'imal
  • Ki'bro
  • Mik'banin
  • Dreg'ora
  • Gal'drad
  • Wilt'dred
  • Yondaf: becomes Assimilated into the M'arrillians and is now a M'arrillian Fluidmorpher,his new Special abilies are when he sacrifices 1 of his Mugicians he can infect a non m'arrillian or minion creature on the Battleboard,when he Sacrifices 4 Mugicians he can uninfect all M'arrillian and Minion Creatures on the Battleboard and when he sacrifices 5 mugicians infected creatures lose 20 to all disiplines.
  • Grantkae: also becomes Assimilated into the m'arrillians and now Classified as a M'arrillian Khra'all.
  • Uksum: Becomes a m'arrillian Chieftain Ethereal warrior after being infected as the first creature the m'arrillian's assimilated into their tribe, he gains new Special abilities, when you control a Chieftain Uksum Gains 20 energy,when you control a Khra'all uksum may use 1 Khra'all shard and his other piece of battlegear and gains creature text Khra'all,when you control a fluidmorpher Uksum Gains any number of Mugicians for each elemental type that fluidmorpher also shows him with both fire and water attacks.
  • Trimdaal
  • Thar'lyn
  • Lamin'kal
  • Aer'dak
  • Emna'ool
  • Bo'aam
  • Blak'drin
  • Na'arin: a past m'arrillian muge that was the inventor of the ring of Na'arin which was named after him,He resembles Ammonite.Na'arins special abilities are when he gives up 1 mugic counter he can target one creature and give it elemental type water, 2 mugic counters he can heal 20 damage to all creatures and finally 3 mugic counters Na'arin gains creatures text fluidmorpher and ability fluidmorph alongside his other creature texts.
  • M'arr: a past M'arrillian chieftain who was the father of Aa'une.
  • Ihun'kalin
  • Fal'makin
  • Siril'ean the Songthief
  • Son'las
  • Neth'uar
  • Klar'nok
  • Gan'nim
  • ab'lop

List of programs broadcast by Smart TV ToonsEdit

r are your weapons, vehicles and other special equipment


  • Teen Titans (2001–present)
  • Teen Titans Go! (2014–present)
  • Pickle & Peanut (2013–present)
  • Wander Over Yonder (2014–present)
  • Hard Handies (2014–present)
  • Power Rangers: The New Charger (2011–present)
  • Counterfeit Cat (2016–present)
  • Lunchroom Warfare (2015–present)
  • Pop Tarts (2015–present)
  • Word World Abridged (2013–present)
  • Num Noms Abridged (2017–present)
  • DuckTales (2012–present)
  • OK KO Let's Be Heroes (2016–present)
  • Eyeball-ever (2015–present)
  • Gas Water (2014–present)
  • CircleCity Impaved (2014–present)
  • What the Flick?!: The Series (2015–present)
  • Dragon Ball Z Z Z: SUPERBALL (2014–present)
  • Chaotic (2016–present)
  • Tickety Toc Abridged (2017–present)
  • Fan vs. Fan (2015–present)
  • Time Adventures of Star (2013–present)
  • The New Counterfeit Cat (2018–present)
  • Imagination Explosion (2015–present)

  • Ur-Shard
  • Flux Bauble
  • Phobia Mask
  • Reef Sword
  • Liquilizer
  • Sword of Khy'at
  • Pyroblaster
  • Van Bloot's Sickle
  • Plasma Pounder
  • Baton of Aa'une
  • Drawskin
  • Orb of Foresight
  • Telebracers
  • Ring of Na’arin
  • Dark Lance
  • Queen V'Ick's Armor
  • Necro Scythe


  • Viledriver
  • Mowercycle
  • Skeletal Steed
  • Windrider
  • MagneTopper
  • The Levler


  • Spectral Veiwer
  • Torwegg
  • Densiplate: A Breastplate like Battlegear that reduces recklessness by 5 for each element it has but also takes away a creatures 1 special abilities.It also reduces recklessnes reduced to creatures on the battleboard not just the equipped creature.
  • Supercharged Alterant
  • Mugician’s Lyre

Word World Season 3 EpisodesEdit

  1. A String's A Thing: When it's the past days after saving word world from the island before, The word friends see kangaroo's ship dropping off bug (black) from before. And he brought a special surprise from them, and it was a string. Kangaroo's older brother, Jumper has a day off. So the word friends have to keep Jumper not tuckered out.
  2. J-J-Jelly: Pig & Ant are making a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, but they all made out of letters. Duck can help him make one instead.
  3. Kite Flight: Frog, Pig, and Bug (black) has made a kite to fly in the spring. and Sheep has a picnic while they watch them fly a kite. When the kite plopped down, Sheep helped them build a new one.
  4. Hide and seek: ready you're not
  5. The Really Red Ruby:
  6. Firefighters to the Rescue:
  7. Think in the rink:
  8. X Marks The Spot:
  9. Race to the Spaceship:
  10. Sandbox Surprise:
  11. King Frog:
  12. The Merry-Go-Round:
  13. Ghosts:
  14. The Word Competition Pt 1:
  15. The Word Competition Pt 2:
  16. Sheep Sleep:
  17. Magical Watering:
  18. Table for Fun:
  19. Tennis for Two:
  20. Duck's Vacation to Florida:
  21. My Pie Duck:
  22. Memory Games:
  23. Underground Hat:
  24. Hot Cookies:
  25. Chicken Time:
  26. Tick Tock Space Mirror Pt 1:
  27. Tick Tock Space Mirror Pt 2:
  28. Waffles and Pizza:
  29. Frog Pulls 3 Cards:
  30. The Party Poopers:
  31. What's Normal, Duck?: 
  32. Cafe Dog:
  33. Muck Struck:
  34. The Wondeful Sandwich:
  35. The Thinking Cap:
  36. Milk, Water and Juice:
  37. Exploring:
  38. Traffic Jam:
  39. Ocean Treat:
  40. The Lost Letter L 2:
  41. Sh-Sh-Shark 2: 
  42. Particular Things:
  43. Slow and Steady Wins:
  44. The Blocky Game:
  45. Return of the Island Pt 1:
  46. Return of the Island Pt 2:
  47. Duck Meets Billy Duckling Duck:
  48. What's in the Cardboard Box?:
  49. Duck's Own TV Show:
  50. Sheep's Cooky Dream Pet:
  51. The Coolest Frog in Town:
  52. Duck the Police: Duck plays police to arrest people, but Frog, Sheep, Bear, Pig & Dog make him arrest himself about it every time. Duck needs to keep any one who's trying to cop and arrest himself.

  1. Driver Blast: Tom and Kaz go out to scan a new improved vile driver called the vile driver 2/Viledriver X but an arkadian scientist named Ucran shows up and haves some fun messing with Ulmar through his robots.
  2. Double Codemaster showdown part 1: Codemaster Amzen and codemaster Tirases challenge Tom and Clay to a double team showdown where they need to work together if they each want to win three new locations each.But it will be hard with codemaster Amzens and her D.L.C (disintegrating laser cannon) that can destroy a creature in a second.And codemaster Tirases two dinosaur creatures Volcasaurus and Dragodactilsorus are unstoppable.Can Tom and Clay work together to defeat them?
  3. Double Codemaster showdown part 2: Tom is shocked to see that's there's a girl like maxxor that is just as strong just like the original.Now Clay has defeated Codemaster Tiras but Amzen has defeated him. Now its Maxxor Vs Fraxxina who will win ?
  4. Brother vs Sister Maxxor Vs Fraxxina: it's Tom's Maxxor Vs Amzen's Fraxxina will tom defeat Amzen and earn the 3 location scan's,in the end Tom managed to use the Flux Bauble equipped to maxxor and transport him and Fraxxina to the Blight Infected Prexxor chasm where the Blight Spots them and Tom managed to use a lavalanche attack to propel himself but not before using confusing on Fraxxina from the blight before he got coded and letting Fraxxina get Coded instead,not only tom defeat Codemaster Amzen and get the location scans but Amzen gave him an extra scan of Fraxxina before Departing.
  5. The return of Aa'une: when the M'arrillians lead by Phelphor in attempt to free Aa'une from imprisonment the 4 tribes including the Arkadian's captured all of them except for Phelphor who used a small bit of mind controll left to control a few soldiers and transformed to escape, he makes an alliance with klay and Krystella to free aa'une in exchange for M'arrillian scans. but tom and kaz with the Arkadians help found out and try to stop them or perim will be controlled by the M'arrillians once again.
  6. Journey to the spirit Lands AKA Between a Talazar and Spirit place:When tom checks out one of the new locations after defeating Codemaster Amzen,tom explore's it but gets confronted by mysterious spirits and the return of an old friend,Tangath Toborn!,can tom and Tangath Escape the dying Spiritlands from the spirits and Vitog who has escaped the first tree.
  7. Chaoitween: It's halloween in chaotic And peyton, M'arrillianator and Kaz tell every one in chaotic scary stories and SamShady is'int acting himself lately pulling pranks on players.
    • Weeds: A parody of Gremlins and Little shop of horrors, the story starts where peyton steps on a weed plant while transporting to chaotic and the weed seed lands in mommarks chemicals and turns into a monster and terrorizing all of perim now can peyton and the mipedians save all of perim.
    • I know what you uploaded last week: Kaz downloads a free download for free chaotic cards, but in reality he downloaded a virus and has taking sentience and is now taking a physical form to enter the real world and is turning the port court robot's evil and been attacking players.
    • Ghosthunters: when ghosts haunting the battle dromes terrorize and haunt chaotic and perim,now is up to Tom,Kaz,Peyton and Sarah to stop the ghosts before unleashing there leader show that he may conquer the living realm.
  8. Minion Invasion: when kaz Decides to Scan Ragetrod,Kraade,Ooloo,Asadab and Gambreor in order for his match against Mr.E and his new minion creatures in the Chirrul Drome his scan quest takes a huge turn when they are brainwashed by Ihun'kalin,Can kaz Free the minion creatures from Ihun'kalin and the M'arrillian's control before they attack Kiru City,Meanwhile peyton Gets challenged by Bugster A Danian Expert!.
  9. Sins of the Codemaster:
  10. Mascot challenge: When the Codemasters declare the Picking of a mascot to represent chaotic,everyone rushs and tries out to be the new mascot and Tom,Kaz,Sarah and Peyton become the judges and Klay becomes the new mascot which he named the Herald of Chaos by cheating and Blackmailing them, little Does Klay know that who becomes the new Mascot has to fight Chaotic's competiters Mascot I.E. a giant Robot Gladiator Called Gladius. Trivia this episode has some references from the camp lazlo episode mascot madness.
  11. M'arrillian Mayhem: When m'arrillianator asks tom to give him some of his scans in an upcoming match M'arrillianator pays the debt by giving tom M'arrillians creatures in his upcoming battle against FireMarshel,An underworld players specializes in creatures native to the Lava Pond, can tom win with the m'arrillian creatures he has at the end of the battle between Tom's Jaidwarl against FireMarshel's magmon, Toms later uses Jaidwarls brainwashed ability to make magmon lose his fire element and tom uses deep dirge of the deep mugic on magmon to lose his discipline's through his Dror'niq and tom use's Falmakin's special ability to code magmon since he has no more wisdom.
  12. Fight for Perim: Tom vs Xolok in the final battle for Perim. Tom using creatures from different tribes vs the evel codemasters m’arrilians