Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion 2: Brawl of a Lifetime is an upcoming game of the 2nd installment in the PTE series. This will be playable on Nintendo 3DS, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and the Wii U. The Red Guy from Cow & Chicken will be the Main Antagonist of the game. It will be rated E10 like the previous game.


The Red Guy kiddnapps the Announcer (George Lowe) of the Cartoon Network, stating that he wants to be the announcer of his own channel. The first thing he does is sends a series of bombs to the respective shows, once that happened, he plans to destroy them for making new shows about his past personas (I.E. Ivan Panced, Lance Sackless, Larry Lackapants, Red Hiney, Dr. Laxslax). The Characters from the first game will return & will feature new characters from Ed, Edd N Eddy, Cow & Chicken, Generator Rex, Regular Show and Adventure Time. Two Characters from Transformers Animated will be guest characters for the second installment.


  1. The Red Guy
  2. Courage The Cowardly Dog
  3. Father
  4. Mojo Jojo
  5. Hoss Delgado
  6. Captain K'nuckles
  7. Cow & Chicken
  8. Ed, Edd, & Eddy
  9. Ben Tennyson (Age 10)
  10. Ben Tennyson (Age 16)
  11. Demongo
  12. Kevin Levin
  13. Johnny Bravo
  14. The Grim Reaper
  15. Dexter
  16. Chowder & Kimchi
  17. Blossom
  18. Bubbles
  19. Buttercup
  20. Cheese
  21. Mac & Bloo
  22. Vilgax
  23. Rath
  24. Hoss Delgado
  25. Skips the Yeti
  26. Stickybeard
  27. Kevin Levin
  28. Dr. Holiday
  29. Rex Salazar
  30. Bobo Haha
  31. Heatblast
  32. The Toiletnator
  33. Aku
  34. Demongo
  35. Captain Planet
  36. Numbah One
  37. Gwen Tennyson
  38. Grim Reaper
  39. Monkey
  40. Him
  41. Rath
  42. Heatblast
  43. Finn & Jake
  44. Schnitzel
  45. I.M. Weasel
  46. I.R. Baboon
  47. Rook Blanko

48.  Muscle Man

49.  Billy

50.  Mandy

51.  Mogar (Billy's Dad)

52. Fuzzy Lumpkins

53. Dee Dee

54. The Infraggable Krunk

Guest CharactersEdit

  1. Arcee
  2. Starscream

Voice CastEdit

  • Steven Blum - Cow, Chicken, Kevin Levin, Van Kleiss, Heatblast, Demongo, Him, Schnitzel, Jake the Dog, Bobo Haha, Rath, Aku, Vilgax, Muscle Man
  • Nolan North - The Red Guy, Monkey, Father, Mojo Jojo, Hoss Delgado, Captain K'nuckles, Eddy, The Scotsman
  • Grey DeLisle - Buttercup, Arcee, Mandy, Mac, Gwen Tennyson, Dr. Holiday, Finn the Human
  • Neil Kaplan - Johnny Bravo, The Grim Reaper, I.R. Baboon, Skips the Yeti, Stickybeard
  • Tara Strong - Chowder, Dexter, Cheese, Ben Tennyson (Age 10), Bubbles
  • Yuri Lowenthal - Numbah One, Ben Tennyson (Age 16), Flapjack, Edd
  • Quinton Flynn - Billy, The Toiletnator
  • Cathy Cavadini - Blossom
  • Keith Ferguson - Samurai Jack, Bloo, Captain Planet, Courage, Rook Blanko
  • Daryl Sabara - Rex Salazar
  • John Kassir - Starscream
  • Travis Willingham - I.M. Weasel, Ed
  • George Lowe - Announcer

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