CN's Infinite Dimensions is an American action/adventure, comedy, animated crossover movie produced by Cartoon Network. It's based on the comic miniseries, Super Secret Crisis War. It's running time is 98 minutes.

The film concerns Vilgax and Aku, the archenemies of Ben 10 and Samurai Jack gathering Mojo Jojo, Mandark, Father and Van Kliess from their respective worlds


When an unstoppable evil alliance spreads across the Multiverse, heroes from across time and space will be brought together to face a threat that none of them could have possibly dealt with on their own individually. The fate of every world will depend upon a kid hero, a samurai warrior, a young genius, a fearsome trio of lab experiments, a living weapon, a children organization, a boy and his imaginative companions, two kids and their reaper and… Ed, Edd and Eddy?!? In order to face against and thwart their respective villain's diabolical plan for interdimensional conquest.


After escaping the Null Void, Vilgax and Dr. Psychobos (who somehow return from Mad Ben's Universe) find themselves on an unknown world with strange constellations and jungle vegetation, the energy flux as sent them in the another dimension. As they both explore the planet, Vilgax notices there was something familiar about it when Psychobos detects a strange signature of his scanner and led them to mysterious robots building some sort of mobile fortress. After question of who's in charge, the shapeshifting demon Aku appears before them. After the two introduced to each other, Vilgax asks him of where they are. Aku tells him that they're in a world outside of their universe which he discovered and realized there are infinite numbers of other worlds which their realities are different to their own in the Multiverse. Aku is has already ruled his own world, but a Samurai Warrior from the distant past wielding a magic sword who is on life-long journey to destroy him. Aku says his name... is Jack. Vilgax has the same experience with another adversary: an insignificant human, Ben Tennyson who wielding the most powerful weapon in the universe, the Omnitrix. As Aku's robots placed one of the Warp cells upside down, the reactor exploded. Aku realizes no matter what spirits, robot or demon he sends, Jack always defeats them, Vilgax strongly agrees with him. Dr. Psychobos suggest that (and he used that term loosely) if there are other worlds, perhaps there are others who are like Vilgax and Aku. Other villains who that they..(and he used that term loosely) can form an alliance against their common foes. Vilgax and Aku both had an evil grin on their faces...

Meanwhile in Townsville Jail, after another defeat by the Powerpuff girls, Mojo Jojo finds himself troubled until prison riot breaks out, buying him time to escape unnoticed and back to his Volcano top Observatory. As Mojo comes up with a new plan, a portal appears before him and walks into it as it vanishes...

In Mandark's Lab, Mandark talks to his computer to show him the videos of his multiple defeats by his greatest nemesis Dexter. As scrolls through his files for an answer. A portal appears before him and sucks him in..

In Breache's Pocket Dimension, Van Kleiss has repaired his gauntlet with the rest of the Pack behind him. Biowolf recalls to his master that ever since the Worldwide Cure, all the E.V.O.s on the planet have been cured by Rex and they're the only few left of their kind that survived. Van Kleiss was aware of that, however, the Nanites are still active and easily be reprogrammed, if he wants to spread the EVO population, He'll need more Nanites and recover the rest from Providence, with only 6 canisters in his possession and not enough to trigger another Nanite event. Skalamander ask him how is he going to do that with Rex still around protecting the world then a portal suddenly appears behind Biowolf and Van Kleiss turns to Breach and asks her but she replied that it's not one of hers, then Van Kleiss wonders where does this lead too and he, Biowolf, Skalamander, Breach and the rest of the Pack walked into it and vanishes..

At the Delightful Mansion From Down The Lane within Father's inner sanctum, Father engulfed in flames, furiously scolds his Delightful Children for their yet another failure of Destroying the Kids Next Door. As they try to explain to him how it went wrong, Father interrupts them before they could continue further. Before he could give them an ultimate punishment, He quickly forgets it and face facts that no matter how many attempts, no one will ever defeat the KND then he became stunned as he sees a portal on the other side of the sanctum. He got up out of his chair and walk towards, the Delightful Children grew curious about it a followed Father in the vortex...

All of the portals appearing at once, all villains from different worlds came through. With Father demanding to know where they are, Vilgax and Aku appear before them. After Vilgax and Aku introduced themselves to the other villains, the both welcomed them to come here. The two offer them a proposition: to join forces with them, if it means the domination of their worlds. With most o the Delightful Children protest that why should they trust them; Aku replied because each of them has failed many attempts to rule their universe because of their own respective heroes. Father think this is ridiculous and demands that Aku takes him and his Delightful children home now. Vilgax asks Father to at least hear them out or does he want to suffer another defeat by the Kids Next Door. Father was shocked of how in the world did Vilgax know of the KND. Mandark thinks this is a little awkward and Van Kleiss gently asks Father to simmer down and it would be clear to listen to what Vilgax and Aku have to say in the matter. Dr. Psychobos displayed a holographic video feed of the villains past failure schemes by the hands of their respective heroes through their memories. For years, they have defeated them, humiliated them, and almost destroyed them to their demise. But if they join forces, they would have a chance of ruling the multiverse and destroy their enemies once and for all! Mojo Jojo is convinced that he'll do it and devise a plan to robots of the Powerpuff girls and conquer their universe for them, the people of Townsville love and admire them. Aku suggest robot doppelgangers would be even greater. Mandark states that they need a great name for this team, Many names were suggested "The Sinister Syndicate, Hero-terminators, the Fiendish Six, few more", but Mojo Jojo suggests a better name: The League of Extraordinary Villains!. Van Kleiss thinks its a suitable name for their team and Father actually likes that it has a good ring to it. Now that they all understood their circumstances, The League of Extraordinary Villains had work to do..

With their citadel fully constructed on the surface and Robo-World satellite operational orbiting the planet, The league devised their plan: to send different robots and monsters to fight the heroes. Once the robots are defeated by showing how worthy they are; the heroes will be teleported to the league in the containment cages one by one for the next phase of their villainous plan. Aku volunteers to go first as he tells Apprentice Mandark to choose a robot and he send one of Computron's Minions to attack Samurai Jack. After jack defeats the minion he is suddenly teleported to the Robo-World in containment cage #1.

Vilgax is up next and sends 6 of Aku's Ultra-Robots to combat Ben Tennyson whom is having lunch with Rook at Burger Shack. Rook informed Ben that Plumber HQ has reported both Vilgax and Dr. Psychobos have disappeared from the Null Void and their whereabouts are currently unknown at this time. Ben knows that Vilgax somehow escaped and is probably planning another surprised attack to destroy him again then suddenly the Ultra-Robots appear and attack Ben and Rook. Vilgax tells Aku to sends one of his robot minions to lure Tennyson's Revonnahgander partner away from him, they can't risk sending him to Robo-World too. Rook sees another robot unlike the one he sees before him and pursues it thinking it maybe a commanding drone. Ben had no problem dealing with those guys as he transformed in Ball Weevil and destroyed one Ultra Robot with his Plasma ball, he then transformed into Shocksquatch and destroyed the other two. Ben quickly turned into Four Arms and wrapped this up. Ben wondered of what kinda of robots are they as Rook returns with the damaged drone, Ben is suddenly teleported away. Ben is then finds himself in Robo-world in containment cube#2 next to Jack as he ask who he is. Then notices Vilgax and Psychobos that sending robots to attack him was the best they could do. They told him those aren't theirs, they're Aku's and now Vilgax explains to him that he is in their clutches.

Mandark was next as he sends the two remaining Ultra-Robots to attack his greatest nemesis, Dexter! In Dexter's Lab, Dexter was just finished his latest invention the Uber Generator when he heard something breaking, at first he thought it was his sister, Dee Dee come to ruin his lab again but instead was two strange robots attacking him. After destroying the robots, Dexter couldn't wait to tell Mandark that those robots were an epic fail as his transported to Robo-World satellite in containment cage #3 as he finished his sentence. Mandark told him he wouldn't go that far. Dexter questions him of what is he doing here and who or what are they with him. Mandark replied that he'll find out soon enough.

Mojo Jojo was up next as he deploys another of Computron's Minions to attack the Powerpuff Girls as they're playing on the playground. the minions said to destroy all flesh and the works of flesh, knowing they and the rest of Townsville are flesh, the girls had to stop it, Blossom stopped the robot's mobility with her ice breath. the minion begins to charge it's chest cannon to fire Buttercup, Blossom and Bubbles toppled it face down and it exploded. While Blossom and Buttercup bicker each other, Bubbles notice it was a bit too easy, and it was very weird that they hardly need to use any of their powers and suddenly transported to Robo-World satellite together in containment cage #4. Just as Mojo explained to Vilgax and Aku, small but powerful; big things come in small packages. Bubbles and the girls were shocked to Mojo there and what he has done. Van Kleiss grew curious to know what are source of these young girls abilities. Mojo informs him beside of Sugar, Spice and everything Nice, the Powerpuff Girls were created with Mojo holding up a vile of their key ingredient.. Chemical X, which he had hidden in his cape the whole time. Van Kleiss asked if he could barrow it and sent it to Psychobos at their citadel with a canister of active Nanites.

Mojo leaves the controls to Van Kleiss as he turns to I-Bol to tell him of Rex' whereabouts and what is he up too. Rex was on his first date with Circe in a fancy restaurant and unaware to both of them that Noah and Claire were there too, so Rex decides a double date. Breach ask if she could bring Rex here on her master behalf. Van Kleiss told her she will in time right after Rex defeats an enemy that he hasn't encountered before and sends this creature.. As the four were enjoying their date and dinner, the restaurant started to shake, Rex knows they sound like giant footsteps and sees them but it couldn't believe his eyes that it must be a giant E.V.O. Noah thought Rex cured all the EVOs, Circe thinks few of them had survived, Rex acted quickly got out of his green suit and into hi usual attire, Circe gave him a kiss for luck and told him to be careful. Rex flew off on hiss Boogie Pack to confront the EVO (The Energy Thief) when he is contacted by Holiday and told him to remain cautious, they don't know what his creature is, Rex told her it's a surviving E.V.O. but she hasn't got any Nanite readings. White Knight called in air support from Providence with Six and Bobo at the ready. Rex used his Smack to attack the monster and then cleave it's left leg with his B.F.S. Rex finished off the creature uses his Omega-1 Nanite builds: Funchucks and Blast Caster and the beast collapsed. With the people cheering for their hero, Rex was about to cure this thing, nothing happened, Rex was shock that this thing wasn't an EVO and it disintegrated. Van Kleiss told Breach her cue, Breach's portal appeared behind Rex with Biowulf's arm sticking out, grabbed him and pulled him in... Rex was then brought to Robo-World and thrown into containment cube #5, Rex woke up and was greeted by his old enemy, Van Kleiss. Rex wanted to what's going on who are those with him and the Pack, he replied to him that "they" are his new associates and his part in the League of Extraordinary Villains. Rex quickly notices and recognizes Ben Tennyson.

Van Kleiss now leaves the controls to last but not least, Father as he then sends a customized Techadon Robot to attack KND members of Sector V. On their way back to the Treehouse on the KND C.O.O.L.B.U.S., Numbuh 1 congratulated himself and his Team for stopping Gramma Stuffum's picnic attack at the park, Numbuh 2 wished he could've stayed longer to eat.. he meant clean up the mess Gramma left, Numbuh 4 still doesn't understands how can eat her cruddy disgusting food. Numbah says unlike him, he however has an enormous appetite. Numbah 3 was too busy think happy thoughts on the new Rainbow Monkey colors. Suddenly Numbuh Five and the rest heard something on top of the C.O.O.L.B.U.S., Numbuh 2 put it on auto pilot and looked through the periscope and sees a strange looking robot and it's punching it's way in. Numbah commanded Kids Next Door battle stations! As the fight the Techadon robot, Mandark kindly asks Father what exactly is this "Kids Next Door" anyway? He said it's an organization composed of 5-to-12 years old, military-styled trained brats who battle evil teen-to-adult tyranny for other snot-nosed children and their pleasure. . After of wonder of what kind of robot it was and where it came from then suddenly they and the C.O.O.L.B.U.S. where transported to Robo-World with Sector V in Containment cage #6. Father was kind of Mr. Uno and his friends to drop in.

With the heroes captured, The League of Extraordinary Villains propose a toast to success with phase one complete. As the robot servants give the refreshments, they began to shove into each other with the drinks spilled on the controls and transported them to other worlds along with one of The Packs E.V.O.s. Mandark and Mojo Jojo informs his master that the Powerpuff Dynamo is missing and has located it to a small neighborhood

The Eds are attacked by the Powerpuff Dynamo in the Cul-de-Sac and they all head to the Junkyard for how to defeat Dynamo and sell it for scrap to buy mountains of Jawbreakers. After defeating it by using a magnetic crane, the Eds were wondering where did the giant robot girl came from and suddenly they're transported to the Robo-World with no clue of what's going on.

As Mojo was searching the whereabouts of the Lion EVO and one of their Robot Servants, Drone #3XL stumbled upon a funny looking mansion with a sign outside said: "Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends". As the Robot surveys the area he saw Mac in front of who ask of him that if he's another Imaginary Friend, 3XL was then communicated by Mojo that that boys doesn't actual know you're not from his universe and respond back in infiltration mode. 3XL tells Mac that his is an Imaginary Friend and introduces to him his name: Excell. Mac asks Excell of where his creator and his family and Excell made of a story that his creator and his parents moved away and left poor Excell behind that their new home doesn't allow any Imaginary Friends and he was walking down this side walk saw the Mansion. Max explains to him that this is place were Imaginary Friends live until they get adopted by new children who wants a friend for him/herself and Mac was about to show him around the house since Frankie has stuff to do. As Max gave Excell the tour and look for Frankie, Van Kleiss was fascinated that a world where imaginative figments become real but Psychobos still detects one of his E.V.O.s close by when Mac notices Bendy at the garage makes him wonder what is he doing with that brick he has in his ahnd and he threw it at the Foster's bus window as a shock to him and realized Bloo was right about him then Bloo shows up catches bendy and grabbed the brick when Frankie came by see the bus window shattered with Bloo holding the brick. She was about tell Mr. Herriman of this when Mac ran up and tells that it wasn't Bloo and he saw Bendy threw the brick, Frankie told Mac to not get involved then Excell came up and says he's also a witness and introduced himself to her and too Bloo, Wilt, Coco, Eduardo and Goo who just came to know what's going and greeted a new friend to Foster's. 3XL's homing beacon detected something near by as Mac sees Excell like something's wrong. Then the Lion EVO appeared behind Bloo out of no where and attacks him and Bendy ferociously as Mac tells him to run. Terrence dropped in at a bad time and ends up being chase by the new Extremeasaur with Bloo and Bendy in the backyard with Cheese standing doing nothing. Mac, Coco, Eduardo and Wilt worked together and overpowered it. Van Kleiss commanded Breach to retrieve to open her portal and bring not just the EVO, but the others as well back here. Bloo was relieve that they've vanquished the monster then something appeared over them, when the EVO regain consciousness, it grabbed both Mac and Bendy and the portal began to suck them them in, Bloo, Coco Wilt and Eduardo, in their attempt to save him, get dragged inside as well with Cheese and Terrence followed behind. Thus leaving Frankie and Goo standing there speechless of what just happened with 3Xls optic turned red.

Mac, Bloo, Wilt, Coco, Eduardo, Cheese, Bendy and Terrence were all drifting through within the portal as they ended up in Robo-World, with them inside an addition Containment cage and the Lion EVO outside holding Cheese and Bendy. Waking up from a blurr, Mac and the gang find themselves all trapped in a cage with Bloo asking of what's going on, where they are and who are all these people. Eduardo was shivering with fear, Wilt apologized but he want's to know who are these guys. Aku informs his disfigured friend, he and his companions are on Robo World satellite in the grasp of the League of Extraordinary Villains! Terrence wanted to join their bad guy team and Aku released him since they could use another apprentice like Mandark

After one of Aku's robots ends up merged with one of Vilgax's robots due to a malfunction, it lands at Endsville Elementary School outside. Billy and Mandy are interested in the robot (Billy wants to keep it and name it "Samuel," while Mandy wants to get rid of it), while Grim is merely confused by its existence and demands to know where it came from 'cause it didn't came from the underworld. After stopping it from wreaking havoc, the threesome are warped to Robo-World inside another additional cage .

The league had toast to their success


Main ProtagonistsEdit

  • Ben Tennyson(Yuri Lowenthal): A world famous superhero who wields the Omnitrix a device that allows him to transform into different aliens.
  • Samurai Jack(Phil LaMarr): Jack is a brave Samurai Warrior wielding a magic Sword that is capable of harming Aku but was sent to the future.
  • Dexter(Candi Milo): self-proclaimed boy genius who built a secret lab in his bedroom. He also studied the multiverse's existences when he was following the trails of mysterious robots by an unknown source.
  • Blossom(Cathy Cavadini): Leader of the Powerpuff Girls. Intelligent, bold, kind, sarcastic, and y.
  • Bubbles(Tara Strong): One of the Powerpuff Girls. Gentle, plucky, clever, and sweet.
  • Buttercup(Elizabeth Daily): One of the Powerpuff Girls. Stubborn and sarcastic but noble, gentle, and clever.
  • Rex Salazar(Daryl Sabara): A teenage E.V.O agent of Providence with the ability to grow weapons and machines out of his body at will.
  • Ed(Matt Hill): Ed the strongest and most dimwitted of the Eds.
  • Edd "Double D"(Samuel Vincent): Double D is the most intelligent and well-behaved of the Eds.
  • Eddy(Tony Sampson): Eddy the self-appointed leader of the Eds
  • Numbuh 1/Nigel Uno(Ben Diskin): Nigel is the Leader of KND's Sector V and primary strategist.
  • Numbuh 2/Hoagie Gilligan(Ben Diskin): Hoagie is the expert pilot, engineer, and inventor of KND's Sector V.
  • Numbuh 3/Kuki Sanban(Lauren Tom): Kuki is the happy-go-lucky diversionary tactics and is the medical specialist of KND's Sector V.
  • Numbuh 4/Wallabee Beatles(Dee Bradley Baker): Wally is the brash and impulsive hand-to-hand combatant and heavy weapons specialist of KND's Sector V. He also has a crush on Numbuh 3.
  • Numbuh 5/Abigail Lincoln(Cree Summer): Abigail is the second-in-command and infiltration specialist of KND's Sector V.
  • Mac(Sean Marquette): An 8-year old boy and Bloo's creator
  • Bloo(Keith Ferguson): Mac's imaginary friend and best friend
  • Wilt(Phil LaMarr): A very tall, friendly, caring, kind, helpful, red-colored disabled friend with only a right arm and crooked left eye-stalk
  • Coco(Candi Milo):
  • Eduardo(Tom Kenny):
  • Billy (Richard Horvitz):
  • Mandy (Grey DeLisle):
  • Grim (Greg Eagles): The Grim Reaper

Aliens used by BenEdit

  • Humongousaur(John DiMaggio):
  • Feedback(Yuri Lowenthal)2x:
  • Bloxx(Bumper Robinson):
  • Astrodactyl(Dee Bradley Baker):
  • Rath(John DiMaggio):
  • Ball Weevil(Bumper Robinson): Used to defeat one of the Ultra-Robots
  • Gutrot(Rob Paulsen):
  • Blitzwolfer(Kevin Michael Richardson):
  • Heatblast(David Kaye):
  • Shocksquatch(David Kaye): Used to defeat two of the Ultra-Robots
  • Crashhopper(Dee Bradley Baker):
  • Four Arms(John DiMaggio): Used to defeat the remaing three Ultra-Robots
  • Atomix(John DiMaggio):
  • Diamondhead(Eric Bauza):
  • XLR8(Yuri Lowenthal):
  • Armodrillo(John DiMaggio)

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Rook Blanko(Bumper Robinson)
  • Max Tennyson(Paul Eiding)
  • Gwen Tennyson(Ashley Johnson)
  • Kevil Levin(Greg Cipes)
    • Zed
  • Blukic & Driba (Paul Eiding and Eric Bauza)
  • Argit
  • Kai Green
  • Azmuth
  • Professor Paradox
  • Plumbers
    • Patelliday
    • Eliot
    • Morty
    • Molly Gunther
    • Bryk
    • Hobble
    • Jerry
  • Agent Six
  • Dr. Rebecca Holiday(Grey DeLisle)
  • Bobo Haha (John DiMaggio)
  • Noah Nixon(Fred Savage)
  • Caesar Salazar(Freddie Rodriguez)
  • Circe(Tara Sands): Rex's girlfriend
  • White Knight
    • Providence Agents(various voices)
  • Diane Farrah
  • Professor Utonium(Tom Kane):
  • Mayor of Townsville(Tom Kenny)
  • Ms. Sara Bellum(Jennifer Martin)
  • Citizens of Townsville
  • Dee Dee
  • Justice Friends
    • Major Glory(Rob Paulsen)
    • Valhallen(Tom Kenny)
    • The Infraggable Krunk(Krank Welker)
    • Miss Spell(Kath Soucie)
    • Living Bullet(Tom Kenny)
    • White Tiger
  • Numbuh 362
  • Numbuh 86
  • Numbuh 60
  • Numbuh 65.3
  • Numbuh 74.239
  • Numbuh 71.562
  • Numbuh 11.0 and Numbuh 10
  • Numbuh 44 and 44
  • Numbuh 23
  • Tommy Gilligan
  • Numbuh 83
  • Numbuh 84
  • Other KND Operatives
  • Frankie Foster(Grey DeLisle):
  • Madame Foster(Candi Milo):
  • Mr. Harriman(Tom Kane):
    • Cheese (Candi Milo)
  • Imaginary Friends
    • Jackie Khones (Phil LaMarr)
    • Pokey Toehair
    • One Eye Cy(Tom Kenny)
    • Mabel Licorice
    • Billy the Squid(Keith Ferguson)
    • Fluffer Nutter(Grey DeLisle)
    • Yogi Boo Boo(Tom Kenny)
    • Bloppy Pants(Jeff Bennett)
    • Sunset Junction
    • Myopic Patootie
    • Howdy Dooyah
    • Creaky Pete
    • George Mucus
    • Sassyfrass
    • Myron Giant
    • Ringo Rango
    • Big Fat Baby
    • Shakey
    • Rodney Squiddlebeak
    • Madame Mustachio
    • Chief Hoseynose
    • Sloppy Moe
    • Belly Bob Norton
    • Clambake
    • Two Head Fred
    • Galoot Palooka
    • Scissors
    • Moptop
    • Pisgetti
    • Mr. Edmonton
    • Frit and Frat
    • Dyno
    • Big Beaver
    • Jethro Precious
    • Spritz Coleman
    • Camery
    • Don Lickles
    • New Guy
    • Other Friends

League of Extraordinary VillainsEdit

The main antagonists. A team of the most nefarious Cartoon Network villains formed by Vilgax and Aku who plan to conquer the multiverse with an army of robot-doppelgangers of the heroes and with super weapon called "Nanite X" or the NX Nanites, tiny microscopic machines that were infused with Chemical X to mutate anyone or thing into an Uber E.V.O.s.

  • Vilgax(Steven Blum): Leader and founder of the League.
  • Aku(Greg Baldwin): Founder and co-leader. An evil shapeshifting master of darkness who was the first villain Vilgax met.
  • Mojo Jojo(Roger L. Jackson): A mad scientist simian with great intelligence, who is the Powerpuff Girls arch-nemesis.
  • Mandark(Eddie Deezen): Dexter's greatest rival and arch-foe.
  • Van Kleiss(Troy Baker): Leader of The Pack. Rebuilt his gauntlet for four months after the worldwide cure event. He had the idea of using the Imaginary Friends of Foster's to create his new army of E.V.O.s to enforce the duplicates to conquer the Multiverse
    • Bio Wulf(Troy Baker): Second-in-command of Van Kleiss and The Pack.
    • Skalamander(John DiMaggio):
    • I-Bol:
    • Breach(Hayden Walsh):
    • Bouncer
    • Lion EVO
  • Father(Maurice LaMarche):
    • the Delightful Children From Down the Lane: They suddenly transformed and fused together into a large five-headed Uber E.V.O. by Van Kleiss after a recent fail to recapture the heroes.
  • Dr. Psychobos(Eric Bauza):
  • Terrence (Tara Strong): Mac's 13 older brother
  • Khyber(David Kaye): A temporary ally
    • Khyber's Panuncian:
  • Vilgax' Drones
  • Aku's Robots
  • Uber E.V.O.s: A new breed of EVO created by Van Kleiss with the use of Nanite X. Unlike normal E.V.O.s like Bio Wulf and Skalamander, Uber EVOs are more aggressive, feral, violent, belligerent, merciless, ferocious and far more dangerous.
    • Bendy (Jeff Bennett): His E.V.O. form, he is a slender yellowish monster w/h black stripes and has more spikier hair with. He has large claws w/h spikes on his shoulders, strong legs and long sharp teeth that stick out of his mouth. He
    • Cheese (Candi Milo): In his EVO form, He has a strong upper body with large arms and hind legs. He has glowing red stripes all over his body
    • Residents of Foster's

Nemetrix AliensEdit

  • Buglizard
  • Slamworm
  • Crabdozer
  • Tyrannopede
  • Terroranchula
  • MantiWasp:

Other Characters and cameosEdit

  • Ultra-Robots
  • Computron's Minions
  • Stone Creatures
  • Techadon: Sent by father to combat the Kids Next Door of Sector V
  • PowerPuff Dynamo:
  • Ben-bots
    • Gravattack
    • Crashhopper
    • Atomix
    • Fasttrack
    • Spidermonkey
    • Chromastone
    • Echo Echo
    • Frankenstrike
  • Jack-bots
  • Powerpuff Bots
  • Dexter-bots
  • Rex-bots
  • KND-bots
  • Courage (Marty Grabstein)
  • Muriel Bagge (Thea White)
  • Eustace Bagge (Wallace Shawn)


  • Collette Sunderman - Voice Director


Cartoon Network's Infinite Dimensions/Gallery



Cartoon Network's Infinite Dimensions/Transcript


  • Differences between the movie and the comic
    • Van Kleiss and Father are members of League of Extraordinary Villains
  • Rex, Bobo Haha, Circe, Noah, Agent Six, Dr. Holiday, White Knight, Claire, Van Kleiss, the Pack and the Providence Agents are animated in Ben 10: Omniverse art style.

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