I remeber being called Nightwing, but now I have a different name.—Batman.


Early lifeEdit

Bruce Wayne was born April 7, 1976. When Bruce was 6 he was playing with his best friend, and fell into a cave. A bat scared Bruce, and his father found him. Bruce and his parents went to a thearte but Bruce had visions. Bruce's parents talked to him, then a thug shot them and stole there money. Bruce saw his parents die, and Sergeant Gordon helped Bruce. Then when Bruce was 16 he started fighting crime and became Nightwing.

Becoming NightwingEdit

Bruce fought crimes alot as Nightwing. Nightwing fought Black Mask and Peinguin. Bruce fought Bane as Nightwing also but got his back broken. Bruce later retired as Nightwing at age 23. When Bruce is 37 all his wounds are gone, and he becomes Batman.


With Bruce's fear of bats he learned how to control his fear. Bruce became his own fear, Batman. Batman heard that a man named Jack Napier went to Ace Chemicals and turned into a sycopath named Joker. Batman eventually defeated Joker. Bruce faced Two Face wich was revealed to be Harvey Dent. Bruce made a relationship with Vicki Vale, and they went on a date. They went to a carnival to see the Flying Graysons. Peinguin killed Dick Grayson's parents John and Mary. Bruce adopted Dick at an orphanage. When Bruce was fighting some of Joker's thugs, Richard Grayson saw that Bruce Wayne is Batman. Dick Grayson then became Robin The Boy Wonder.

Batman And RobinEdit