From the producer of Snitch, 1 cop, 1 aider, and 1 criminal are being focused.




  • Graham Gordon (Shia LaBeouf) - the aider who was riding a gray car to try and stop the criminal, and witnessed that he shot his uncle, he aids a gothgirl into springing out her dad, in the end, leaves for Louisiana!
  • Gretchen Giles (Elizabeth Gilles) - Graham's love interest, who witnessed her father going to jail for a crime he did not commit, in the end, goes out with Graham to Louisiana!
  • Sgt. Ace Dunham (Ryan Kelley) - a junior cop, he is aided by Graham, and has a wife, in the end, gets a letter telling that he's gonna be a father!
  • Neil Corbon (Colin Farrell) - the man who was driving around, and regretted shooting Gaham's uncle, in the end, turns himself over to Dunham!
  • Judy Dunham (Brooklyn Decker) - Ace's wife, in the end, is expecting a child!
  • Paul Dobson (Tom Wilkinson) - Neil's instructor to drive around the car to Brooklyn, so he can stop at the Pharmacy to him, so he can deliver the package, but if Neil dosen't, Dobson will humiliate him with a video that contains him being with his family, in the end, was shot to death by Neil!
  • Olivia Corbon (Kyra Sedgewick) - Neil's wife, who was seen in Corbon's flashback dying of Down Syndrome.
  • Bridgette Corbon (Sophie Guest) - Neil's daughter, who was a teenager going to college.
  • Brian Giles (Billy Burke) - Gretchen's father, who was framed for a crime he didn't commit, in the end, was cleared from all charges.
  • Chief Francis Jackson (Bruce Greenwood) - the chief of police, and Ace's boss, who orders to investigate Neil Corbon's illegal driving, in the end, was arrested for framing Brian.
  • Kirk Gordon (Jon Voight) - Graham's uncle, who was shot



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