When a boy's sister is kidnapped, he turns to the greatest gunman of all time....???.


???, 2014


  • Jay Green (Joel Courtney) - the one who asks Jonathan Olson to help save his sister, in the end, gets sent to Oregon for protection!
  • Jonathan Olson (Arnold Schwarzenegger) - the greatest gunman of all time, he is a living legend, he became the greatest gunman of all time when he was 13 in the military, in the end, gives Jay a feather to remember him!
  • Julia Green (Kristen Stewart) - Jay's sister, who was kidnapped by their mom's old friend, Sergei Dimetri, in the end, goes with Jay to Oregon
  • Sergei Dimetri (David Oyelowo) - Jay and Julia's mother's old friend, is the main antagonist, he slaps his little girl that he threateningly has to go anywhere, do a little something, by kidnapping Julia for an unknown reason, it is revealed that She witnessed the death of Ferris's death and  was gonna be scared before telling anyone, in the end, Jay states, "I should kill you, for trying to kidnap my sister, and for hitting your own daughter!, but i won't, despite the fact that you were my mother's old friend, so i'm gonna just let you walk away, and leave me alone", but Sergei got off him, he attempts to pick up the gun and try to shoot him, but Jonathan pushes him off the Cliff!
  • Solomon Green (Billy Burke) - Jay and Julia's father, a policeman, in the end, goes off to Oregon, and thanks Olson!
  • Fiona Dimetri (Ariel Winter) - Sergei's daughter, who was slapped by Sergei, in the end, was killed by Julia!
  • Graham Julian (Jemain Clement) - Sergei's partner in a drug deal and secondary antagonist, in the end, was killed by Sergei in a double cross.
  • Ferris Klein (Jesse L. Martin) - his death was witnessed by Julia, when she saw Sergei choking him to death for not giving him the money., which was the reason Sergei kidnapped her
  • Janus Ferguson (Carla Gugino) - Olson's love interest, in the end, was seen in Africa with Olson by her side.
  • Captain Otis Wilkinson (Shea Whigham) - Solomon's boss at the Police Station, in the end, becomes Chief of the Police Department.



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