• Guestrerboo

    Gumball the movie es una película de acción aventuras y efectos exelentes

    Elmore esta en graves problemas y gumball se combierte en caza recompenzas  y darwin en arqueólogo menos famoso ambos a su edad mas grandes son enviados por el abogado y el alcalde para resolver el problema 

    Mas contenido pronto

    La película empieza con gumball y darwin levantándose de la cama cantando la increíble ciudad de elmore y después en la escuela miren la ventana y ven el cielo rojo y un auto estrellandose sin razon y comían manda a matar a gumball y darwin por alma dezquiziada y por un milagro el techo de la escuela cae en comían y muere todos corren de la escuela sin antes matar la policía pero la escuela se incendio y lograron escapar gracias a gumball pero a…

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  • The Land Before Time Nerd

    I don't know what moron blocked me! but you did it for no reason! fix yourself Twitter!!!

    I try to make a backup account, YOU BAN THAT ACCOUNT TOO!


    It might be a while before I can come back to Twitter. but at least I have you guys at Fandom.

    Twitter is an evil corporation...

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  • The Land Before Time Nerd

    Today, I have to make a sad announcement, while vacationing with my grandparents in North Carolina, my grandmother's bird Crackers has passed away from sickness and a leg injury.

    I am very sad and disappointed for the loss of one of my pets. At least I still have my cockatoo at my home in Florida.

    May Crackers Rest in Piece.

    Please help me bring back my happiness. That would be very nice.

    From, The Land Before Time Nerd (Figment83)

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  • RB-Man

    The Idea Wiki has been established in late-2012 by Ultimatespiderman, founder and original Admin and I'm planning to create a film for our 10th anniversary which will introduce the Wiki's new logo celebrating our 10 year milestone (That I have no idea how to create.) and all users (except blocked and IP users) can be a part of it (if you like). If you like to join, go to the comment box or contact me on my message wall.

    • Travis"Tragould"Gould

    • TBA

    • Mary Kate Dillon

    • TBA

    • Ross Bailey
    • Figment83
    • Hasele

    • TBA

    • The Idea Wiki created by Ultimatespiderman
    • VOODOO by Hasele

    • TBA

    • TBA

    • Mary Kate Dillon, A.C.E.

    • TBA

    • TBA

    • TBA

    • The Land Before Time Nerd

    • TBA

    • Ross Bailey as RB-Man
    • Mary Kate Dillon as Rennee dillon
    • Hasele as Tomo
    • TBA as Figment83
    • Malia Henderson as Mewsette Maniac
    • Kyle Mc…

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  • SavageSplat

    Rennee’s Page

    July 11, 2018 by SavageSplat

    User:Rennee dillon, my friend has claimed A Wonder Pets Musical Summer Movie, because she was one of those users who wants to make a difference for The Other Idea Wiki (Which, She is blocked.) A fandom User has been reverting the edit to what she doesn’t want it to be, and We want it to stop. Rennee put a Template That is a sign that it’s for her and her only, but it didn’t work. I hope that FANDOM User gets blocked soon.

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  • SavageSplat

    Money: The Movie

    July 9, 2018 by SavageSplat

    ]] I tried to make a page, but it sent me to the Money Wiki. I’m not kidding. Over there s the poster to that movie about Three Talking Animals Trying to get money.

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  • Dimentions2016

    Pop! Movies

    July 7, 2018 by Dimentions2016

    Numbers Characters Note(s) Series Original Theatrical Date Studios Type Aspect Ratio
    #1 Jason Voorhees
    Friday the 13th May 9, 1980 Paramount Pictures Movie 1.85:1
    #2 Freddy Krueger
    A Nightmare on Elm Street November 9, 1984 New Line Cinema Movie 1.85:1
    #3 Michael Myers
    Halloween October 25, 1978 Compass International Movie 2.40:1
    #4 Gizmo
    Gremlins June 8, 1984 Warner Bros. Pictures Movie 1.85:1
    #5 Beetlejuice
    Beetlejuice March 30, 1988 Warner Bros. Pictures Movie 1.85:1
    #6 Gremlins
    Gremlins June 8, 1984 Warner Bros. Pictures Movie 1.85:1
    #7 Dorothy & Toto
    The Wizard of Oz August 25, 1939 Warner Bros. Pictures Movie 1.37:1
    #8 Wicked Witch
    The Wizard of Oz August 25, 1939 Warner Bros. Pictures Movie 1.37:1
    #9 Winged Monkey
    The Wizard of Oz A…

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  • SavageSplat

    Natali morin

    July 2, 2018 by SavageSplat

    This user named Natali morin has been robbing this page called Oliver in Wonderland. Me and another user, Lisajayne*10 Are Trying to Get Rid of that bad troll.

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  • ILRLOVER1998




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  • SavageSplat

    I haven’t met Mewsette Maniac yet, but before I do, I have some Highlights for The Third Movie.

    This time, it is not in Theatres. It is direct to Video.

    • Zee will get a Boy Of Her Own, since that nasty breakup with Moose in the last film. (We’ll get to it with the 2nd Movie’s Transcript To See How It is handled.)
    • Suzy Sheep will feud with another sheep named Shirley (Nickname: The Virus)
    • The MooseTube Craze will Return. (As Seen with My Profile)
    • Peppa and Pedro are Boyfriend and Girlfriend.
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  • RB-Man

    Last month, I've decided to make a series based on the DC Animal Superheroes titled Justice League of Animals along with a sequel titled Pet Titans. Here are the characters I've got so far...

    • Ace the Bat-Hound
    • Krypto the Superdog
    • Jumpa the Sky Kanga
    • Tusky the Sea Otter
    • Ch'p

    • Robbie the Robin
    • Streaky the Supercat
    • Aquadog
    • Hoppy the Marvel Bunny
    • Leepa the Sky Kanga

    • The Choker
    • TBA
    • TBA

    If you have any ideas for some characters, type your idea on the comment box or contact me on my Message Wall.

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  • Mewsette Maniac

    Wazzup, Internet? It’s Me, Mewsette Maniac! I just finished working on Peppa Pig: The Movie last night. Now, I need help on the script for the 2nd movie. It needs new cast members and additional voices. Let’s not forget the credits and rejected ideas. And of course, the Transcript. Let’s get started on The Page Before we get bored.

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  • RB-Man

    Adopting this wiki.

    June 6, 2018 by RB-Man

    I know it's been a few days since my last blog post, so I just want to give you some more info about Another Admin.
    I'm going to adopt The Idea Wiki. The reason I'm doing this, is because the founder and current Admin of this wiki, Ultimatespiderman, has been inactive since February 4, 2016. Another reason is this Wiki's articles, user pages, and images has been vandalize many times, and someone's gotta be there to stop it. Final reason: No Wiki can't be ran without and Admin.
    Arik099 as done millions stupid things even when we ask him to stop, which is one of the main reasons why I'm adopting this Wiki in the first place.
    When I become admin, this Wiki will be vandal-free.

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  • UnderworldFan2010

    Things i make the movie idea or combo sequel movie also as movie upcoming for other Allan Kids

                                                                                         F0R Me

    Dedo Movie also produced by Virgin Produced and Matheful Watul

    Cars: The Senna Story also by Working Title and released by Paramount Pictures

    Matt The Scout Boy 2 also movie is so more logos

    Eric Animations The Movie also more logos

    Matt's 3rd Big Movie also produced by Weldferis Entertainment and Virgin Produced

                                                                               MATHEFUL WATEFUL

    Tj's have idea of me

    Pop Movie also produced by Relativity Media and Tj'sworld2011 Pictures

    Stickman Movie from NicThic

    • Mautel the Hegdehog (Sonig the Hegdehog series…

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  • 1222brown
    1. Love Makin’ Music~4:57
    2. Let The Music Play~4:16
    3. I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby~4:11
    4. Never, Never Gonna Give You Up~4:02
    5. Sho’ You Right~4:00
    6. Staying Power~3:58
    7. Practice What You Preach~3:56
    8. Can’t Get Enough Of You Love, Babe~3:52
    9. What Am I Gonna Do With You~3:41
    10. Playing Your Game, Baby~3:39
    11. It’s Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next To Me~3:25
    12. Oh What A Night For Dancing~3:17
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  • Smmsmovies

    wakfu season 4 back story?  what do you think is going to be  a back story for season 4 ???

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  • RB-Man

    Another Admin.

    May 17, 2018 by RB-Man

    That does it! Arik067 and Arik099 are getting on everyone's nerves. And with Ultimatespiderman being active for a while, I think it's time we need to find another Admin.
    I know this wiki had some ups and downs since Ultimatespiderman's been inactive since 2 years ago, but I think I'm gonna take the responsibility as an Admin while Ultimatespiderman's gone.
    To read more about it, read Adopting this wiki.

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  • Tomatatoes

    I am the author of the article Dragons Race to the Edge: Attack of the Red Death, and I want to post it somewhere else. Can you PLEASE delete the article for me? Thanks in advance and have a nice day.

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  • Tomatatoes

    Request to Admins

    April 5, 2018 by Tomatatoes


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  • Hasele

    SEASON 1

     1.Rise of the Mighty Mutanimals Part 1 

    Rise of the Mighty Mutanimals Part 2

    Enter The New Foot Clan

    Miyamoto Usagi Returns

    I Think His Name was Adrian Stockman

    Three Thugs and Ultimate Mutagen Don't Mix

    The Wrath of Mutagen Man

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  • Joshuakrasinski

    hey if anyone wants where are the toons now and turn it into the idea wiki version and add they're own episodes feel

    free to buy it since i am selling the rights since i just moved it here till my ban was liftend and it was today

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  • Gb98786





















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  • Bambismom1234

    Hey guys I want someone to do a post on Casablanca (2019 remake) It will be directed by Shawn levy and it will star Daniel Craig as rick

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  • Ethanimation

    My wikia

    February 1, 2018 by Ethanimation

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  • Hilary James Lyall
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  • Hasele

    Rakkor Yoshijaro(character)

    January 2, 2018 by Hasele


    He was born in the Kingdom of KaijuMutanimonsterasia and the prince of his royal family who came from a long line of Mutanimonster Clan and was the first prince who will be inherited to become the king and the throne. That is until his hopes to rule the entire universe were crushed to pieces when Drakkaos Sarlaxx's son and a powerful demodragonian wanted to enact his revenge for killing his father and conquered his planets killing king and queen after they put their hatchling into a space probe and it crash landed on Earth.

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  • Ashleythecreator

    Carolina Hernandez

    December 2, 2017 by Ashleythecreator
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  • Joshuakrasinski

    hiring for ddaal

    November 28, 2017 by Joshuakrasinski

    i am hiring episode makes for darkwing duck attorney at law and i might make scripts if anyone of you users want to

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  • Ethanimation

    New Emojis

    November 18, 2017 by Ethanimation


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  • D-man the guy

    You an bored animator?

    November 14, 2017 by D-man the guy

    Hey, i got ideas for shorts i wanna make, i can't animate, i need a animator, you won't be paid, its just something you would do for fun i guess, your animation most be as good or better than depatie freleng enterprises.

    If you are wondering what kind of shorts heres a stripAnd on that Farm he had a Wolf by D-manthecaptain on DeviantArt

    (Sorry if the name 'Willy' appears, its meant to say 'Wilburt')

    I also have another one being written, should be the first one, heres what i got so far Ramdom strip by D-manthecaptain on DeviantArt

    Also i have ideas for a lion and antelope duo

    lion_and_antelope_design__request__by_azurite101-dbfh8ed.jpg (1024×646)

    So wanna try it out?

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  • Hasele

    Rakkor Yoshijaro The Movie

    November 13, 2017 by Hasele

    A brand new  film which premieres August 31st 2018

    There was a planet where all the mutants aliens monsters animals and cryptids were in peace together and there was a kingdom with all the chimeric abominations roamed in the kingdom known as the Kaiju Mutanimonsterians. There was a kind hearted king and queen were giving a birth of a new baby witnessing that someday he will be a future king and explains the story about a kaiju/human princess Dragonklawwz and her friends heroically defeated the Demodragonian warlord Sarlaxx and his army of Kingmerians and ended the war and they moved into Spiritual Dimension to create multiple dimensions and combine nine planets into one huge planet called KaijuMutantimonsterasia. Unfortunately the kingdom w…

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  • Hasele

    Rakkor Yoshijaro Master of the Mutanimonsterjitsu is a brand new American/Canadian series that premiere in late 2018 and early 2019 The new main character is Rakkor Yoshijaro himself will journey through an intergalactic peaceful planet known as Kaijumutanimonsterasia and meeting new allies and fighting the King-Merian/Hydraxxian warlord  Nekronos Z'sHorrificrafis X'Draxxianoz and his forces of chaotic darkness.

     Main Characters

    Rakkor Yoshijaro(Alexander Hasele) An immensly strong brave friendly and heroically compassionate Mojo Sacred Sword wielding Mutanimonster/Kingmerian/Omnimatrixsian hybrid and the titular and main character.


    Rook Blonko(Bumper Robinson)

    Gwen Tennyson(Ashley Johnson)

    Kevin Levin(Greg Cipes)

    Max Tennyson(Paul Eiding) …

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  • Hasele

    Sly Cooper: Unmasked Thieves

    October 17, 2017 by Hasele

    Sly Cooper Unmasked Thieves is an american and canadian tv series for Disney Channel Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network


    Sly Cooper(Austin Di Iulio) The main character and protagonist and the leader of the Sly Cooper Clan. At age three he was on his father's knees telling about a legendary ancient book about master thieves called the Thievius Raccoonus and he was next in line to inherit it until five criminals by the name of the Fiendish Five ransacked their home killed their parents and stole the Thievius Raccoonus.

    Bentley(Tom Kenny)

    Murray(Kevin Michael Richardson)


    Inspector Carmelita Montoya Fox(Grey Griffin DeLisle)


    Clockwerk(Jamie Watson)

    Sir Raleigh


    Mz Ruby


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  • Hasele


    October 7, 2017 by Hasele

    Voodoo is an American/Canadian series that will premiere on September the 3rd 2018

    Hugo Thomas Bertrand(Yuri Lowenthal) Tomo is the main character of the series. He was born with a strange but rare raccoon like tail and he had a happy life with his parents in France . He was often picked on by bullies but some of them has defended him. One day when all the teenagers were on summer holidays his parents were planning to go to Topsy Isle the most bizarre island in the world. During the trip on an airplane Hugo and his parents thought this holiday is gonna be perfect but something went wrong with the plane which causes the plane to go out of control and crash landed into the jungle. Hugo survived the crash but his parents were killed. After hou…

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  • Hasele


    • Slash(Corey Feldman) An immensly strong but kind and compassionate mutant Tortoise and the leader of the Mighty Mutanimals and an ally of the Ninja Turtles as well as Raph's pet. During the events of Slash and Destroy he was mutated into a hulking teal terrapin and the mutagen warped his mind and bruised Donnie Mikey and Leo only to be defeated by Raph with a nerve pinch. He often helps Ninja Turtles during the events from TMNT 2012 series along with the other mutants. During the WAR-Bot ambush he met KrowtureBeak after he rescued him from WAR-Bots which leads to him Leo and KrowtureBeak founded KING-MERA when he looked for his brothers and was defeated and he was then imprisoned by the KING-MERA who found Leatherhead Monk…

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  • Hasele
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  • Ccarbe6062

    Finding Pooh (MOVIE)

    July 20, 2017 by Ccarbe6062

    It's a 2D animated/live-action G-rated Disney musical movie unlike any Pooh Bear movie

    unlike anything you've ever seen before. (based on the books by A.A. Milne)

    Christopher Robin, now 25 years old, now works at his company with his boss (Kristin Chenoweth).

    But sensing a familiar pathway to the Hundred Acre Wood, he revisited Winnie-The-Pooh (Josh Gad),

    and it seems that Christopher Robin must've forgot his childhood days

    in his old enchanted neighborhood for some reason.

    So with no further ado, he must remember his childhood days along with Pooh Bear's friends before

    his boss takes down the whole Hundred Acre Wood to the ground.

    Neil Patrick Harris as Ms. Ginny's Assistant

    Kristin Chenoweth as Ms. Ginny

    Anna Kendrick as Darby

    Ed Asner as Christoph…

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  • Bonnie Ferguson
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  • AnaPoppy160

    Anna Kendrick will soon be the new Ariel in new The Little Mermaid. In 1989's The Little Mermaid, Ariel was the voice of Jodi Benson. Hope they will dye her hair red and they will put the tail in her legs, as well.

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  • AnaPoppy160

    Cameron Diaz, now 44, will be the second time as the villian in the new movie, The Little Mermaid willbe playing Ursula, ever since Angelina Jolie in Maleficent and Idris Elba in The Jungle Book. She is going to be in tentacles.

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  • AnaPoppy160

    Demi Lovato will be the new Disney Princess, Jasmine. Princess Jasmine from the 1992's Aladdin was the voice of Linda Larkin. Lovato's hair is black and has brown eyes.

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  • AnaPoppy160

    In the live action of Aladdin. Jack Black will be the voice of the blue Genie, because in the 1992's Aladdin, the late Robin Williams played the role of the Genie and we remembered him in the movie, Aladdin and we missed him. Black played the role of the shark named Lenny in the 2004's Shark Tale and he was in the role of the panda in 2008's Kung Fu Panda. Black will be blue in Aladdin Live Action Remake.

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  • AnaPoppy160

    I do even wish the movie makers will like our new ideas for movies remakes I  though and created,

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  • AnaPoppy160

    Do do guys really think that tpeople will like our ideas for our live action movies?

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  • Aaronhardy5
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  • Ccarbe6062

    It's a CGI/live-action motion picture from

    20th Century Fox, Dreamworks Animation SKG, & Nickelodeon Movies

    in TRIOSCOPICS 3-D .

    Rancid Rabbit has had enough of CatDog (Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons) so he had no choice but to seperate

    these two as seperate talking pets as sends them off to different places in Los Angeles with

    no memories left and two seperate owners (Dove Cameron, Cameron Boyce).

    Meanwhile, Rancid managed to take over Los Angleles AND

    Nearburg with the help of the Greasers. So besides dealing with Cat and Dog's owners,

    they must remember who they really are and where they came from before it's too late!

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  • Aaronhardy5

    Ice Age: Landscape Damage is a upcoming 2019 American 3D computer-animated comedy adventure film produced by Blue Sky Studios and directed by Mike Thurmeier, Brad Bird and written by Michael J. Wilson. It is the Sixth Installment in the Ice Age film series and a sequel to 2016's Ice Age Collision Course.

    The film features the voice acting of Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary, Queen Latifah, Keke Palmer, Jennifer Lopez, Simon Pegg, Nick Offerman, Stephanie Beatriz, Max Greenfield, Josh Gad Jessie J and Chris Wedge all reprise their roles from previous films. New additions to the cast include Jeremy Renner, Anthony Anderson, Jerry Seinfeld, Zendaya, Max Charles, Ariel Winter, Rob Schneider, Jason Segel, Charlie Day, and Nick Cannon.

    The …

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  • Blue99White

    Adopt Wikia

    January 16, 2017 by Blue99White

    Hello Everybody I am try to adopt this wikia. Why? because i make the site better and a new theme for the site and better look so please support me in adopt this wikia by comment on this blog Okay. Thank you.

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  • 44Blue


    December 13, 2016 by 44Blue

    Hello. I like to adopt this wikia. I make the wikia better give it a new theme and make it better so I become a admin on this wikia. I did make a adopt request for adopt the wikia so come & please support me. Thank You.

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  • DrJohnson100


    November 22, 2016 by DrJohnson100

    i will be adopting this wiki.Support me please.

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