BTR is back, and are performing more songs.


  • Kendall Knight (Kendall Schmidt) - the leader of Big Time Rush, after the band disbanded, he became one of Minnesota's hockey superstar
  • James Diamond (James Maslow) - the good-looking one of the band, and is handsome to wear a bandana, after Big Time Rush disbanded, James was a model, solo artist or actor
  • Carlos Garcia (Carlos Pena, Jr.) - he wears a helmet and the joker of the band, after Big Time Rush disbanded, he became a superhero, though sometimes gets arrested for public costume run around
  • Logan Mitchell (Logan Henderson) - the genius of the band, after Big Time Rush disbanded, he became a doctor
  • Gustavo Rocque (Stephen Kramer Glickman) - the band's manager, refers the band as "dogs"
  • Katie Knight (Ciara Bravo) - Kendall's 16-year old sister
  • Kelly Wainwright (Tanya Chisholm) - Gustavo's assistant, who is fond of the band
  • Jennifer Knight (Challen Cates) - Kendall and Katie's mother
  • Jarred Knight (Kevin Bacon) - Kendall and Katie's long-lost father, he has no memories of them, after he left Jennifer, he worked at a hotel, because he he lost alot of Cash on the way down.
  • Arthur Griffin (Matt Riedy) - Gustavo's boss
  • Camille Roberts (Erin Sanders) - Logan's girlfriend
  • Jo Taylor (Katelyn Tarver) - Kendall's girlfriend
  • Alexa Vega (herself) - Carlos' girlfriend
  • Lucy Stone (Malese Jow) - James' girlfriend

Guest StarsEdit

  • Eddie Murphy as Cadmus
  • Lindsay Lohan as Tanya Walts, a rival of Katie's at a Fashion show


Episode_Numbers Title_for_the_Episode Air_Date Plot Songs
62 Big Time ??? October 14, 2013 Kendall puts Big Time Rush back together for a new adventure, but things go wrong when Carlos accidentally brought a fan turned monster (Jamie Foxx) comes to confront Carlos, believing to be El Tigre, believing he lied to him that he was his eyes and ears, and that he starts tearing Rocque Records apart. Meanwhile, Jennifer teaches Katie how to be a woman and competes against a girl (Lindsay Lohan) in a Beauty Pagent.
Guest Stars: Eddie Murphy as Warren Lewis/ Mr. Casual.
63 Big Time ??? November 2, 2013
64 Big Time ??? November 9, 2013
65 Big Time ??? November 16, 2013
66 Big Time ??? November 23, 2013
67 Big Time ??? November 30, 2013
68 Big Time ???: Part 1 December 7, 2013 Kendall is alone and doesn't have any father figures in his life, so he runs away to find his father.
69 Big Time ???: Part 2 December 7, 2013 Kendall finds his father in Illinois, Chicago, and decides to meet him, and Kendall learns that his father left because ???
70 Big Time ??? January 4, 2014
71 Big Time ??? January 11, 2014
72 Big Time ??? February 8, 2014
73 Big Time ??? February 15, 2014
74 Big Time ???: Part 1 March 15, 2014
75 Big Time ???: Part 2 March 15, 2014
76 Big Time Muppets March 22, 2014 The band meets the Muppets, only to learn that Gustavo hates them for the chickens singing Forget You by Cee Lo Green, as he didn't understand what they were saying, and now they have to act fast to fix their friendship.
77 Big Time ??? April 26, 2014
78 Big Time ???: Part 1 May 3, 2014
79 Big Time ???: Part 2 May 3, 2014
80 Big Time ??? May 31, 2014
81 Big Time Finale June 14, 2014