17-year old Ben Tennyson is a troubled teen, who has a superhero collection, wondering how to be a superhero, and learns that a hero must not get drunk and smoke. Then, everything changes his life, he discovered a weapon known as the Omnitrix, which can turn him into different aliens. But faces the one who knows about......Vilgax.


???, 2013

Produced byEdit

Joel Silver


  • Benjamin "Ben" Kirby Tennyson (Logan Miller for 17-year old, Unnamed child actor for 8-year old) - 17-years old, gained the Omnitrix
  • Patty Berkinfield (Amanda Seyfried for 17-year old, Alexys Nycole Sanchez for 8-year old) - Ben's past friend with him since 8th grade, later, she became Ben's love interest
  • Maxwell "Max" Tennyson (Anthony Hopkins) - Ben's grandfather, and revealed to him that he's a Plumber
  • Carl Tennyson (Tim Guinee) - Ben's father
  • Sandra Tennyson (Maria Bello) - Ben's mother
  • Vilgax (Hugo Weaving) - main antagonist to Ben, as he wants the Omnitrix for destruction and chaos and to conquer the universe
  • Dr. Aloysius James Animo (Christopher Lloyd) - had been living in his apartment with skin turning pale, and his hair turned white, and became a mad scientist, appears as the secondary antagonist
  • Kevin Ethan Levin/Ultimate Kevin (Taylor Lautnor/Scott Weinger) - a small time crook, alongside working with partner, Argit, as they are both chased around by the Government, as he ended up betrayed by Argit for the Taednite, and was taken alive by Animo, being turned into Ultimate Kevin
  • President Neil Aidan (Don Cheadle) - the president of the United States, who had Animo's career cut for performing twisted genetic experiments, he later allowed Ben free to stop Vilgax, Animo and Kevin
  • Portor Berkinfield (David Leisure) - Patty's father
  • Bianca Berkinfield (Sharyl Lee Ralph) - Patty's mother
  • Argit (Aziz Ansari) - Kevin's partner, who later betrayed him to steal all the Taednite
  • Vulkanus (Maunet Bennett) - Kevin's instructor to get all the Taednite
  • Casey Steel (Michael Chiklis) - head of the Government to spy on Ben, he was silent until near the end he spoke
  • Will Harangue (Ben Mendelsohn) - speaks out against Ben as a threat to mankind
  • Azmuth (Fred Tatasciore) - the Omnitrix's creator, teaches Ben how to use it well, uses the phrase, "Oh for the love of"



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