Ben Tennyson, age 20, is regretful for letting his stupidity get the best of him, Azmuth was a fool for falling for the Robot's tricks, and Max made regrets for failing to realize the truth about the Robot and using Ben to get the Plumbers back on, the Lechorians are strong with Osmosian adapted abilities from the powers of the Omnitrix Kevin absorbed, and now Ben, Rook and Max have to team up with the villains that blamed Ben for the cause of the future (consisting of Robot Armadas) to undone where Kevin had found the Robot in June 23, 2004, 10 years earlier.


The Video Game Was Publish In The Year: 2015.


When Ben completes the first level, he goes onward to the Next Levels to aid the Playables with their guides to prevent the causes the Robot made.


  • Good:
    • Ben Tennyson (Yuri Lowenthal) - age 20, when he found out about the Robot, he was shocked and humiliated, so he gave up on being a hero, as the years grew 3 years older, he starts to regain hope and humility, and learned to press the Omnitrix with his finger to get the right alien he needs, which gave him the master control
    • Rook Blonko (Bumper Robinson) - Admits he knew Gwen was a robot, but was afraid the suspician would spoil his cover.
    • Max Tennyson (Paul Eiding) - loses his arm and has remorse for using Ben to get the Plumbers back to buisness, and for allowing Paradox to Alternate time.
    • Gwen Tennyson/ Charmcaster (Pauley Perrette) - looks more similar to Gwen 10'000 only with an exposed middrift, and piercing in her naval, she became Charmcaster's successor in Omniverse, during level 11 she transforms into the Dragon from "Third Times a Charm" to battle the Dragon.
    • Julie Yamamoto (Vyvian Pham) - Apologizes to Ben for her Selfish behaviar, and realized that Billions played her for a fool.
    • Agent 6 (Wally Kurth) - is seen in a level with evidence that Cesar was the true culprit of Van Kleiss and for all the M.I.N.T. (Multiple Interpetations of Nanite Terrors).
    • Rex (Daryl Sabara) - Aids Ben, and relates to the falling for the robot such as falling for his brothers deception.
    • Dr. Holiday (Grey DeLisle) - She is seen as a survivor of the destroyed Providence, and is seen wearing a similar outfit as Cheetara from 2011, only she was seen with a scar on her shoulder.
    • Bobo Ha (John DiMaggio) - is also a survivor of the destroyed Providence, and he lost his Fez.
    • Tetrax (Dave Fennoy) - Feels that he should've told Ben about Vilgax's son Ricoronis, and was shocked to learn about the Robot.
  • 10-Year Old Ben (Tara Strong) - aids his future self in the final 2 levels
  • Bad:
    • Vilgax (Steve Blum) - tells Ben, "You were a fool for trusting Kevin and the Robot!", he also realized his son Ricoronis posed as him in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien.
    • Billy "Herv" Billions (Aziz Ansari) - dumped by Julie after being caught as a fraud, and wants revenge on Ben for exposing him, and he states at the end "I told You the robot was a bad idea"!
    • Dr. Animo (Dwight Schultz) - Was humiliated, and all the youth he stole were returned to its rightful owners, and he is now a servent of Vilgax.
    • Charmcaster (Kari Wahlgren) - blames Ben for his stupidity, and forces herself to give the Charms of Bazel to the Real Gwen
    • Will Harangue/ Aggregor (John DiMaggio) - loses his reputation after all his lies were exposed, and is now trapped in the form of Alien X.
    • Khyber (David Kaye) - realizes that Ben was not the Lechorian Robot but Gwen is.
    • Malware/Ship (Corey Burton) - He was made into a Matrix, and was revealed to be inleague with the Robot Gwen.
    • Albedo (Eric Bauza) - He vows to win the right to the Omnitrix and aids Ben to defeat the Robot.
    • Prof. Paradox (David McCullum) - Revealed to have stolen the Clock from the Time Keeper, and was using it, to alternate Time, he was given the same fate as Falicifer and was dragged into a time Portal, and was placed their forever.
    • KillJoy (Ogie Banks) - an Alien Merc, that was hired by Vilgax to Capture Ben.


  • Robot Gwen/Negabot Mrk: 6 (Ashley Johnson) - the main antagonist and the true antagonist behind the events in Alien Force/Ultimate Alien, her leech absorbed Kevin's temple and absorbed his brain, absorbing his Osmosian DNA, which gave her the ability to create Lechorians that can adapt the Omnitrix aliens' abilities, and the boss of Level 11: Mega-Cruiser, June 23, 2004
  • Kevin Levin (Greg Cipes) - he had found the Robot in June 23, 2004, during his battle with Technorg, which adapted his DNA to give Lechorians the Omnitrix aliens' powers and the final boss of the final Level: Bellwood: June 24, 2004, after Frank was defeated Kevin takes the Container filled with Dragonsbane and reverts to his true form and faces Ben.
  • Killjoy (Ogie Banks) - boss in Level 1: Mount Rushmore, 2009, he has weapons off the Wazu, and he is an alien race from the Budoman.
  • Generals (Jeff Bennett) - bosses in Level 2: Simple Poverian terrain, 2009, they were stripped of their titles after their scheme was exposed.
  • Diagon (John DiMaggio) - boss in Level 3: Forever Castle, 2008, he was an illusion created by the Robot.
  • Caesar Salazar (Freddie Rodriguez) - boss in Level 4: Providence Base, 2005, he was arrested by the Plumbers for crimes against nature.
  • Dr. Animo (Dwight Schultz) - boss in Level 5: Null Void, 1993, he was reduced back to his original design.
  • Overlord (Christopher Macdonald) - boss in Level 6: Area 51, 2009, he was arrested with no memory of Ben nor his encounters.
  • Forever King Patrick (Michael York) - boss in Level 7: Forge of Creation, 2010, he was exposed to be Frank in disguise.
  • Red Ninja - boss in Level 8: Los Soledad, 1959
  • Lord Ricoronis (James Remar) - boss in Level 9: Bellwood, 2009, he was reduced to a young Ricoronis, and was taken by his father for punishment.
  • Professor Paradox (David McCallum) - boss in Level 10: Time Keeper Realm, 101959, he was placed in a graveyard as a punishement for alternating time.


  • DNAliens (Dee Bradley Baker) - mini-bosses in Level 1: Mount Rushmore, 2009
  • Argit (Alexander Polinsky) - mini-boss in Level 2: Simple Poverian terrain, 2009
  • Lucubra (Dee Bradley Baker) - mini-boss in Level 3: Forever Castle, 2008
  • Van Kleiss (Troy Baker) - mini-boss in Level 4: Providence Base, 2005
  • Phil (Rob Paulsen) - mini-boss in Level 5: Null Void, 1993
  • Simian (Diedrich Bader) - mini-boss in Level 6: Area 51, 2009
  • Killer Squid (Dee Bradley Baker) - mini-boss in Level 7: Forge of Creation, 2010
  • Lowlife (Paul Eiding) - bountyhunter chicken, mini-boss in Level 8: Los Soledad, 1959
  • Psyphon (Dee Bradley Baker) - mini-boss in Level 9: Bellwood, 2009
  • Eon (Judd Nelson) - mini-boss in Level 10: Time Keeper Realm, 101959
  • Kevin 11 (Charlie Schlatter) - mini-boss in Level 11: Mega-Cruiser, June 23, 2004
  • Frank Tennyson (George Newbern) - mini-boss in the final Level: Bellwood: June 24, 2004, he was the one who created the Robot into a teenage version of Gwen in order to deceive his wife


  • Lechorian Adapted Robots - some of the Lechorians adapted Kevin's powers of Heatblast, Diamondhead, NRG, Spidermonkey, Upgrade and others

Playable AliensEdit

  • Heatblast (Steven Blum)
  • Diamondhead (Jim Ward)
  • WildWhale (Dee Bradley Baker)
  • XLR8 (Jim Ward)
  • NRG (Corey Burton)
  • Armadrillo (Andre Braugher)
  • Amphibian (Carlos Alazraqui)
  • Water Hazard (David Sobolov)
  • Brainstorm (Corey Burton)
  • Fasttrack (Ian James Corlett)
  • Swampfire (David Kaye)
  • Jury Rigg (J.B. Blanc)
  • Chromastone (Tom Kenny)


In the ruined future of 2014, Lechorians have endangered the world, ruled under the iron fist of the Robot Gwen's master, Mark 1, Ben Tennyson and Rook Blonko are founded by those (Bad) who blamed Ben for the Robot's destruction and those (Good) who are regretful towards Ben. Paradox explains to Ben that the Robot Gwen was caused by Kevin during the events of the episode, "Grudge Match", when Technorg let Ben leave while dealing with Kevin, Kevin found the Robot, as it absorbed his brain to make sure it was found, and then it learned how to adapt the powers of the Omnitrix aliens, and the Robot was responsible for other things such as DNAliens, The destruction of the Statue in "Simple", Dagon, Julie's Ship, Kevin's mutations, Omnitrix's malfunction, The Forever Knights, Deaths of Great allies, Lord Ricoronis and Alternate the universe(the times that they must go back in time to fix before the Robot caused them). In order to that, they must locate to Los Soledad, where they must use Paradox's time machine to travel to each time to stop the havoc the Robot caused.

Level 1: North Dakota Mount Rushmore, 2009Edit

  • Playables: Ben (with 4 forms such as Heatblast, Diamondhead, WildWhale and XLR8) and Vilgax
  • Boss: KillJoy
  • Mini-Boss: DNAliens
  • Omnitrix alien unlocked: NRG

Ben and Vilgax must prevent the DNAliens from stealing the main frame of Plumber #9, as they were created by the Robot to capture the Plumber Data

Level 2: Simple Poverian terrain, 2009Edit

  • Playables: Julie and Animo
  • Boss: Generals
  • Mini-Boss: Argit
  • Omnitrix alien unlocked: Armadrillo

Julie and Animo prevent Ben from knocking down the statue before the war men merge into purple and blame Ben.

Level 3: Forever Castle, 2008Edit

  • Playables: Gwen and Charmcaster
  • Boss: Diagon
  • Mini-Boss: Lucubra
  • Omnitrix alien unlocked: AmPhibean

Gwen and Charmcaster travel back to tell Sir George about the truth of Diagon, who is in reality, Kevin Levin/ Val Khan.

Level 4: Providence Base, 2005Edit

  • Playables: Rex and Albedo
  • Boss: Ceasar
  • Mini-Boss: Van Kleiss
  • Omnitrix alien unlocked: Water Hazard

Rex and Albedo prevent Malware from creating Alpha

Level 5: Null Void, 1993Edit

  • Playables: Holiday and Malware
  • Boss: Dr. Animo
  • Mini-Boss: Phil
  • Omnitrix alien unlocked: Brainstorm

Holiday and Malware must prevent Kevin's mutations that were from The Null Void.

Level 6: Area 51, 2009Edit

  • Playables: Six and Khyber
  • Boss: Overlord
  • Mini-Boss: Simian
  • Omnitrix alien unlocked: Fasttrack

Six and Khyber must find a way for the Omnitrix User (Ben) to press the Omnitrix with his or her finger only instead of slamming it, and figure out why. It is revealed that the Spellbinder's stick was accidentley removed.

Level 7: Forge of Creation, 2010Edit

  • Playables: Bobo and Billy Billions
  • Boss: Forever King Patrick
  • Mini-Boss: Killer Squid
  • Omnitrix alien unlocked: Swampfire

Bobo and Billy must prevent the Forever Knights from continuing it's legacy.

Level 8: Los Saladed, 1959Edit

  • Playables: Max and Paradox
  • Boss: Red Ninja
  • Mini-Boss: Lowlife
  • Omnitrix alien unlocked: Jury Rigg

Max and Paradox must prevent the deaths of many allies such as Pierce, Old George, and Squire.

Level 9:Bellwood, 2009Edit

  • Playables: Rook and KillJoy
  • Boss:Lord Ricoronis
  • Mini-Boss: Psyphon
  • Omnitrix alien unlocked: Chromastone

Rook and KillJoy must prevent Ricoronis from taking Vilgax's place and conquering the 10 worlds from the machine he would someday to absorb the power of the heroes of 10 worlds such as Pyro Nebula, Ariel, Crystolana, Overlands, Underlands, Ancientcia, Avatar World, Flora Nebula, Arachnidos and Stratospherem.

Level 10: Time Keeper Realm, 101959Edit

  • Playables: Tetrax and Aggregor
  • Boss: Paradox
  • Mini-Boss: Eon
  • Omnitrix alien unlocked: Fasttrack

Tetrax and Aggregor must prevent Paradox from altering time, before he creates a Time Paradox and Eon, as he was released in the year 101959 by The Robot Gwen, as he was trapped for 100,000 years.

Level 11: June 23rd, 2004Edit

  • Playables: Gwen and Ben (young)
  • Boss: Robot
  • Mini-Boss: Kevin 11

Ben finally goes back into June 23, 2004, to help his 10-year old self pin down Kevin, as he successfully found the Robot and used Diamondhead to slice the leech from absorbing him and exposing Kevin as "The Cunning Trickster". Now they capture Kevin and interigate on why he wanted the Robot, it was revealed that Kevin did it because he wanted to make his mother proud of the world he created, and "Had to think of something to keep the robot from getting caught.

Level 12: Bellwood: June 24th, 2004 (Final Level)Edit

  • Playables:Ben
  • Boss: Kevin Levin/ Val Khan
  • Mini-Boss: Frank Tennyson

Ben and 10-Year Old Ben go back to Bellwood to confront Frank Tennyson for orchastrating the Robot, then Kevin finally attacks Frank for making him lose his perfection and for being the real one who killed Devin Levin, as he takes the Dragonsbane to make himself a Dragon Lord again.


Ben wakes up in the present day, 2014, to find that the Lechorian events had been erased from continuity and that the 10 events that the Robot caused were altered with by the Robot. And he also realized that he told Max not to bring back the Plumbers and he retired, Gwen didn't get replaced by the Robot, she is more like the Future Gwen from Ben 10'000, Rook is a guard for L.E.O., Rex, Holiday, Six and Bobo lives a life of peace and plenty, Tetrax regained his reputation and Julie remains Ben's girlfriend and appologizes for her mistakes. While the villains Vilgax still hunts for the Omnitirx, Aggregor is arrested and is now identified as Will Harangue, Charmcaster now dating Darkstar, Billy was reduced as a homeless hippie, KillJoy still hinting on dealing with Ben, Paradox is found as a Gravestone showing he paid the price for alternating time, Khyber is seen challenging Volcanus, Malware is just a disc, Albedo is an Greymatter and locked up and Animo is placed in an asylum. Ben later met up with Azmuth at the end, Kevin is seen in his true form and states "It was foolproof, foolproof, all these years of alternating and replacing,......WASTED!!!!"


  • The plot is similar to X4: Days of Future Past, where Kevin takes the place of Mystique, as their blood are created into robots (Sentinels and Lechorians) to adapt DNA.
  • Ben Tennyson gets Flashbacks on the True Culprits he failed to deal with during the series.
  • At the end of the game, when Ben went in to talk to Azmuth, Ben sees him watching "Under the Sea" by Sebastian from The Little Mermaid and parodying it into "In the Galaxy" as he writes it.
  • Charmcaster's Dragon form makes a return in this epic game!