Ben Tennyson and his friends team up with his and Gwen's cousin, Kyle and his partners, the Guys and the N, and they get acquaintanced with Green Arrow's protege, Artemis, as they head out to stop a terrorist named, The Talon, who goes from world to world, from destroying China.




  • Ben Tennyson (Yuri Lowenthal) - in the end, helps Artemis shoot an arrow at a target
  • Gwen Tennyson (Kari Wahlgren) - angry that Ben and Kyle are messing with her, Ben asks, "what are you going to do, make me look fat?", she replied to what she might do now, by using a spell to expand, only for Kyle, as it hits each place, it finally hits Gwen's rear end, when Kyle states, "Your butt is huge", Gwen realizes she used a Enlargment trick, in the end, forgives Kevin for making an ugly stuffy nosed version of her!
  • Kevin Levin (Greg Cipes) - tries to fix the Rust Bucket III, when Kyle and Ben were fighting that they have to go back to America (Kyle's decision) and China (Ben's decision), only for them to accidently broke the wheel, as they crash into China, as he tries hard to fix it, in the end, gets a "Heart to Heart Talk with his Mom!"
  • Kyle Tennyson (Jesse McCartney) - aids Ben, in the end, jumps in Cheshire's arms, due to his crush on her
  • Roderek Johnson (Ogie Banks) - aids Kyle and Ben, in the end,
  • Derek Kain (Adam Wylie) - aids Kyle and Ben, in the end,
  • Artemis Crock (Stephanie Lemelin) - Kyle states that she and Ben look like they make a cute couple, in the end, shows a great apreciation for Ben to help her shoot an arrow at a target
  • Roy Harper Clone/Red Arrow (Crispin Freeman) - still trying to find Speedy, in the end, bumps into the BMTBATB version of Katana, and kisses her
  • Jade Nguyen Crock/Cheshire (Kelly Hu) - makes a reluctant alliance with the heroes (espically Artemis), in the end, has Kyle in her arms
  • Green Arrow (Alan Tudyk) - sends Artemis to China, while the Team are off Twin Peaks, in the end,
  • Julie Yamamoto (Vvyan Pham) - was shown at the beginning taking pictures of Ben (with heroic poses), until Kyle arrives and hugs Ben and Gwen, she is shown to be jealous of Artemis, because of her style and then tries to mimic that style, in the end, knows she is the one for Ben.


  • The Talon (Rhys Ifans) - the main antagonist and a terrorist from an alternative timeline, to destroy China so he can rid the world of Buddha a lie to man, in the end, is returned to his dimension inside a Crystal.
  • Sportsmaster (Nick Chinlund) - a bountyhunter hired by Talon, in the end, falls to his death in the Himalyan mountains.

Aliens usedEdit

  • Heatblast (Steve Blum) - used to ???
  • Swampfire (???) - used to ???
  • Arctiquana (Tom Kane) - used to ???
  • BenViktor (Michael Dorn) - used to ???




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