Ben Tennyson, Rook, the X-Men, the Scooby-Gang, Rex, Noah and Bobo are greeted by Terry McGinnis, the Batman, from the year 2039 that a year was changed by an evil who used magic and sorcery.


  • Ben Tennyson (Yuri Lowenthal)
  • Rook (Bumper Robinson)
  • X-Men:
    • Cyclops (Kirby Morrow)
    • Jean Grey (Venus Terzo)
    • Spyke (Neil Dennis)
    • Rogue (Meghan Black)
    • Kitty Pryde (Maggie Blue O'Hara) - near the end, States, "Hey, Shazam, bet you can't turn me into a mermaid!", though Shazam laughs cruelly stating, "I can test any magical power!", as he zaps Kitty with the Gem to switch her clothes into a red seashell bra and pink fins into a mermaid, right in front of Rex, Ben and Terry
    • Nightcrawler (Brad Swalie)
    • Gambit (Alessandro Juliani)
    • Colossus (Michael Adamthwhite)
    • Iceman (Andrew Francis)
    • Angel (Mark Hildreth)
  • Scooby-Doo (Frank Welker)
  • Shaggy Rogers (Matthew Lillard)
  • Fred Chiles (Frank Welker) - exposes Madhim the secrets of the gang while drugged.
  • Daphne Blake (Grey DeLisle)
  • Velma Dinkley (Mindy Cohn)
  • Rex Salazar (Daryl Sabara)
  • Noah Nixon (Fred Savage)
  • Bobo Haha (John DiMaggio)
  • Terry McGinnis/Batman III (Will Friedle) - Dick Grayson's succeeder after he retired to marry and stay close to Barbara Gordon
  • Bruce Wayne (Dennis Quaid) - age 67 in 2039, enlists Terry to go back 28 years back into the past to stop the sorcerous event
  • Genie (Robin Williams) - aids Batman in the Future and Ben in Arabian times.


  • Balthazar (Brian George) - The King's personal guard, Reason: Because he wanted to be stronger than the king.
  • Madhim (Corey Burton) - the owner of a Arabian Hotel, Reason: he is probably pretending to be nice.
  • Julia  (Grey DeLisle) - Lead Belly Dancer, Reason: She was revealed to be the princess and the rightful heir to the thrown.
  • Fehrr (John DiMaggio) - King of Arabia, Reason: he had a secret storage of Gold that belonged to the Egyptians.


  • an ancient Tablet of the Eclipse.
  • A Secret passage beneath Madhim's office.
  • Julia's belly jewel.


  • Madhim/Jafar's Ghost (Corey Burton/Jonathan Freeman) - Reason: to gain the wealth of the King, then gain the Power of Shazam and planned to rule the world.


  • Shazam/Madhim (Tony Todd/Corey Burton) - the main antagonist, Shazam used a guise of a character named Madhim, similar to The Peddler from Aladdin, and has the same tone as him, he tricks the heroes into finding a power known as the Eye of the Skull, which has the ability to change people into some other types
  • B'Hilla (Cindy Robinson) - the secondary antagonist, the blonde haired woman, Shazam's servant
  • Jafar (Jonathan Freeman) - his ghost saying, "10,000 years I've rotted in that lamp of mine", He is seen in the end with a head of the Robot Gwen.

Aliens usedEdit

  • Diamondhead (Jim Ward) - used to escape the dungeon.
  • Greymatter (Richard Steven Horvitz) - used to face Jafar's Ghost.
  • Wildmutt (Frank Welker) - used to confront Madhim.
  • XLR8 (Jim Cummings) - used to find a lamp


In the beginning of the film, the Peddler from Aladdin sings the Arabian Knight song, and he greets the audience of a story of a crossover between Ben, the X-Men, the Scooby Gang, Rex and Terry McGinnis.

It all begins when Ben is bored


  • The Designs for the film is based off from The Arabian Knight.
  • Genie turns Ben into a prince, Kitty into a princess, Bobo into a Asian Elephant.
  • This takes place between Ben 10: Omniverse Arcs 6 and 7.


  • Arabian Knight: sung by the Peddler at the opening
  • What Time Is it: sung by Ben, Kitty, Daphne, Rex and others finally taking a break from action and going to summer
  • Friend Like Me: sung by Genie, to Ben and others