This a collection of Disney Bloopers.

The BloopersEdit

Beauty and the BeastEdit

  1. The Beast states "You come out, or I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house.......(Raspberry, chuckles) oops, sorry wrong story!"
  2. The beast asks if Belle could come down to dinner, then hears flatuence, and flushing, with an embarased look on his face.
  3. Gaston was taunting the Beast only to get a strain in his neck "Ow, I think I need an Icepack" then chuckles.
  4. Cogsworth was nervous to tell the beast that Belle is not coming, but mis speaks about Pocahontas.
  5. LeFeu was seen making funny faces after Gaston's chair landed on him, causing people to laugh at him.
  6. Mrs. Potts was telling Belle that it'll turn alright at the end, until she burped.
  7. Lumiere tries to blow at his candles, but couldn't, and gets sleepy after words.
  8. Maurice kicks the machine that then falls apart.
  9. Gaston was about to eat the eggs until McLeech comes in and smacks him stating "These are not Gaston Eggs ya pea brain."

Sword in the StoneEdit

  1. Merlin says Supercalifragiliciusespiadocious in his spell instead of the words to turn Arthur into a fish, and blushed.
  2. Sir Ector actually can't speak to Merlin, and states "Blech, I got Soap in my mouth".
  3. Madam Mim, turns into a pink bunny instead of a Dragon.

The Little Mermaid BloopersEdit

Lion King BloopersEdit

Aladdin BloopersEdit

  1. Jafar tries to quite Iago but accidently gets his foot caught in the closing door, and shouts "YEEEOOOOOOWW".
  2. Jafar hypnotises the Sultan into saying "He's obviously lying", but the Sultan says nothing, then Jafar gets impatient "I said he's obviously lying?", then gets no reply, Jafar loses his temper "I SAID HE"S OBVIOUSLY LYING!!!!!!", the Sultan doesn't respond, Jafar weeping "Please, say he's obviously lying (sobbing)", the Sultan "Obviously...." Jafar bright eyed "Yes, Yes", The Sultan snores, Jafar walks out "Oh I give up!".
  3. Jasmine realizes she has a wedgie from the robe she's wearing.
  4. Aladdin was gonna jump off the balcony, and Jasmine tries to stop him, but hears a loud thump revealing that he fell off and crashed on the floor, Genie worried "Al, speak to me buddy, speak to me!" Aladdin groans "I forgot Carpet is on lunch break!"
  5. Jasmine was angry of being engage, then rams into the wall believing it was the cloth door, and she states: "oops wrong way!".
  6. Jasmine was going to say a prince like you then lets out a fart, causing Aladdin to flee to the other side, and Jasmine states "Whew, I didn't eat anything that smells like that, whew!"
  7. Aladdin is seen sleeping on the Pedestal only to be woken by Abu.


  1. Kerchek was getting fed up saying "I will not allow your madness, and bring in a stupid, stinky........(shakes his head) wait that's not right" leaving the apes laughing.
  2. The Professor getting fed up with being stuck in the bottom part of the ship, and slams his fist on the ship, and states "OW, that was too hard".
  3. Tarzan rams into a tree while sliding.
  4. Clayton shoots the gun in the air but shoots Zazu down.

Atlantis: The Lost BloopersEdit

Bonus featuresEdit

  • a Short with Ariel and Repunzel under the sea of the Adriatic trying to save, a young Prince from a Monsterous Beast.

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