Be ready is a song sung by Dingane in Madagascar 4.It shows his plan for Zuba and Alex and the Pride.


Dingane: I know that your powers are descriptive are as wet as a shoulder backside But thick as you are Pay Attention! (Swipes a bone away from Sekayi) My words are a matter of Pride It's clear from your facial expressions the lights are not on upstairs.But were talking Kings and succesions.Even you can't be caught unaware.(Two Rouge lions get thrown up in the air by a small geyser) So be ready for a chance of a lifetime be ready for sensational views a shining new era is tiptowing nearer

Kesha: And where do we feature?

Dingane:(Grabs Kesha's Jaw) Just listen to Teacher

(Kesha rubs Jaw)

Dingane: I know it sounds sorted but you'll be rewarded when at last I am given my views and in Justice delicous despair Be Ready!

Gazini: Yeah Be Ready.Yeah we'll Be Ready, for what?

Dingane: For the defeat of Zuba

Gazini: Why? Is he sick?