This episode was apart of The TimeLord Adventures and finding the series was written and combined by other T.V series.


The timelord , ninjago ,and spider riders were here in the events where the tamers , adventure 01 and 02 , fromtier , savers , other digidestined , Jackie chan adventures , ash ketchum , dawn , brock , Jessie , james, and meowth , are going on a battle to kurata,ultimatechaosmon, hypnos , the dark hand , iron mask marauder , annie and oakly , hunter j , pythor chumsworth and the cybermen, and stop the B.S zombie apocalypse, and facing the Advanced mutant B.S licker, will they get out of the west Shinjuku,stopping the infection spreading across worldwide or wiping off the face of the earth.


As the timelord was telling spider riders and lego ninjago where would they like to go, and as the tardis dematerialize on earth and where they were in japan in another time and as they went to finding the battle and the attacks and as they were finding the digidestined,tamers, and data squad already here and fighting ultimatechaosmon and as they were going to help him,and then thinking that he was saying that we will plan for a new outbreak soon, from my masters and ruling the world as we know it. and as he left and then as they joined d.a.t.s and then as they were getting their names and role calls of their digimon and them selves and as ash and his friends were going through the sinnoh region and caught in a hole with team rocket and a bright light blinds them and as ash and crew were disappearing from their world, and as they were analyzing a digital portal up from the start and as ultimatechaosmon was attacking them from amusement park and as they meet each other and confused with the pokemon world and as they finding the timelord and his companions trespassing into their headquarters and then they were back, and finding a man named Akihiro Kurata whom is their number prime enemies and told them : It has been a long time , Marcus Damon i will having an army of new alliances to overthrow d.a.t.s and every digidestined,warriors,tamers,and any other trainers with digimon you have right now, so see you soon Marcus, and using an evil laugh and signal went off and as they took rooms and split into rooms and then they were singing allies and go digidestined , go digidestined and as they were finding an attacks on the kanto , pokemon world and as they went by the portal and the tardis and as they were both here with ash's hometown and as they were finding gizamon and bio hybrid digimon too kill them and making destruction around town and as ash's group and team rocket's D.N.A charge a prinplup,vinemon,raichu,snakemon,persian, and toxicroak and as they were going to see delia and as they meet her and the timelord told marcus about how everyone came near him and died and left them on earth in order to survive and people trying to sacrifice his life to save millions of people and living things in the universe,and as they get to professors oak's lab and finding about the secrets about the pokemon species and finding these pokemon as digimon and as ash left and captured by kouki,namami,ivan and as they sent a message and as they tried to rescue them with the digievolution and as finally rescue him and then as they were going back into the digital world and then as they were here they finding strange attacks and as kurata's minions began to attack and as they finally defeated them and forced a retreat, and as knightmon was here and tolding them the prophecy that it was apart the event that would take hold and as they arriving at the sacred castle and finding them under attack and as the mega and digievolution digimon attacked the mysterious digimon and the trainer and as they finally defeated her they finding that it was a girl and think that is kurata's daughter was going to retreat from them, and as they arrive to the sacred castle and as d.a.t.s arrived to their headquarters and reporting Sampson about kurata having a daughter and finding about she is apart of the prophecy, and as kyra and kouki were getting a new bio mergence and as they were going to talking about another part of the prophecy concept , That The Storm of infection will destroy the west part of someone's world and a powerful orb that will give the new powers of the tamers, warriors, digidestined , savers , and other digidestined trainer to find what's inside and exposing it . and as takato finally gasped that this is west Shinjuku and his hometown and as they went there and finding yamaki was here at his apartment and finally negotiations and then hunter j was here at hypnos and talking with yamaki and then showing him underground about the ones whom are interfering the operation and then as they using the b.s virus and all about it's origins and as hunter j and her scientists were experimenting a deadly virus and other top secret projects that they were experimenting and as they were releasing on to the city they were gathering their scientists and staff at once to get them out the city and as takato,rika,henry and the others were checking lots of damage and people attacking each other with the police holding them down and as the digievolve digimon were attacking the infection and police trying to explain that someone is infecting them, and then everyone to pack their bags for evacuation and as Jackie chan, captain black, jade , and tohru whom are all here because of the news saying that an outbreak, and as they went to help them, and as the digimon and people were at the evacuation points and then going medical scanning, and as a helicopter went over west Shinjuku city and finding a woman running from zombies as a D.A.T.S tried to rescue her and then rika was meeting ryo,ai,jeri,mako,leomon,impmon,and the rest whom were getting out of the city, and as yamaki ordered the city , closed of the city, and with everyone closed off from the city,and forced to enter their homes by guns and ammunition and within hours that b.s infection has infected the entire west Shinjuku and most officers and d.a.t.s were battling the infection without end, and then as Henry's dad was checking their plans and surveillance about the survivors and his son, and finding tamers, digidestined , d.a.t.s , warriors , timelord, and his companions hiding inside Henry's karate academy and then finding their parents here and finding the old lady already infected and as the timelord shot him in the head (which kind of leading him into bad) and Aas they were finding something crawling in the dark, and finding a creature coming to attack them , and as Jackie chan and Jackie came to rescue them , after they finally defeated them , as team rocket were travelling through west Shinjuku , then coping the bakery goods recipes , while other d.a.t.s members and police officers were fighting infection and one off d.a.t.s got bitten while the others got away and consumed and overwhelmed by infection, yamaki and his technicians were checking infection levels gone critical and sending ultimatechaosmon into the battle field , cybermen , hunter j , the dark hand , kyra , iron mask marauder , annie and oakly, into the battle , and finding weapons from them, then they were walking through the grave yard and then they were finding out any of them never got infected, as the zombies got out from their graves, then they moved on with the other d.a.t.s members were going inside the center of the hospital, then shooting their comrade, and finding a call from henry's dad that they are going to wipe the city with a tactical device, within hours it will destroy evidence, us , and everything and then they will cover it up for their true plans of this world, and then entering the north exit and under attacks and split up to find more survivors and d.a.t.s agents and then finding more d.a.t.s and U.B.C.S trying to survive it out there and found by the team rocket trio , attacked by the villains and bringing launcher, weapons, guns. And team rocket trio reunited with the heroes, then going to rika's school and finding survivors there and a news reporter name sherry Dallas as team rocket trio met ray and Allison whom are surviving the apocalypse and finding the news reporter being meet with three girls and a cousin of rika , and killed by a small army of infected children whom killed her, then went back into English class for help, then finding angelica whom were hiding in this class and she was the scientist's daughter of hunter j whom created the b.s and anti virus, then grabbing sherry's video camera, then entering the cafeteria, then full of infection and digimon infection and then rescued by mike and ogremon arrives with their help but fighting cybermen and killed by B.s advanced licker and then made the oven to make it flammable and finally defeated the licker and encounter ray and Allison whom were meeting with the others, as they talked with Henry's father and finding out how are they going to get out of the city and then caught and stalked by the villains, then the others were going into enemy territory and stealing their helicopter, planning surprise attacks on their forces and finding out it was a trap was a trap by the villains and kidnapping their family members and then Henry's father was here and hugging each and then kurata shot his father in the leg and as Marcus forcing him to fight ultimatechaosmon and sword fencing and then pricing with the sword in the statue and killing him and finding tai remembering leomon and then finding the data of him was the ultimate creation of his and then the timelord finding the orb and teleporting in their checkpoint and then giving the rest of the tamers, data squad , warriors , digidestined , and giving them the ultimate power to defeat their forces while the villains were launching the tactical missile and then knocked out by their families and then helicopters coming here to stop them, until ultimatechaosmon saves them and with their ultimate powers from themselves and their digimon and as they finally defeated them and leomon died in the with the data of him gone forever, then the infection breaking into the Hypnos facility and then with everyone final taking off in three helicopters and rest of the digimon carrying them and d.a.t.s and U.B.C.S members taking off and with kurata being thrown off and killed by the infection, and then the tactical missile finally kills the infection but the evidence they have it, then as the news reporters told that a new infection has entered the west city of japan and destroyed by a tactical missile that wiped it all out, and responsibility goes to Kyra , and rest of the villains whom are going to a maximum correctional facility, while she would go to a camp for great food , good taste , great workout , and then good discipline, with thanks to the leaders and perpetrators D.A.T.S , tai , Davis , takato , Marcus , Jackie Chan, and the heroes for this true story and bring the scientist's daughter for the anti virus and villains are now being questioned by the police, and as they complete the prophecy and as they finally said good bye to each other as they took off , back at the Pokémon world they finally made team rocket blasting off again, and as ash, dawn , Brock continued their adventure and going on a peaceful vacation to a cruise, remembering about how tai and Marcus became cousins, EPOLOGUE ; Kyra trying the food and free by yamaki and thinking about a new revengeful beginning, on how she would use the virus to infect and making new virus to kill the timelord and then Mai Kurata's sister whom has plans for a new facilities in Europe, Montreal , Mexico , rio , Paris, Cardiff , Atlanta, Orlando , china, japan , Kyoto , Spain , new York , Siberia , Moscow, Porkbelly ,and finding this was a beginning a new beginning for them, then scientists were inside the west Shinjuku facility retrieving the g and b.s virus samples, and blue prints for the ,N.E.A.D.T Prime Facilities and different various facilities.

Voice cast Edit

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