This is based on the first 2 issues of volume 1 of Batman and the Outsiders. The film takes place after Justice League: Doom.


  • Outsiders:
    • Bruce Wayne/Batman (Kevin Conroy)
    • Black Lightning (LeVar Burton)
    • Katana (Kim Mai Guest)
    • Metamorpho (Adam Baldwin)
    • Geo-Force (Travis Willingham)
    • Halo (Kari Wahlgren)
  • Lucius Fox (Keith David)
  • Alfred Pennyworth (Robin Atkin Downes)
  • Baron Bedlam (Mark Hamill) - the main antagonist
  • Dr. Helga Jace (Jennifer Hale) - the secondary antagonist


When Wayne Industries employee Lucius Fox is captured by freedom fighters in the nation of Markovia, Batman refuses help from the Justice League due to his contingency plans, and tells Alfred that he didn't belong in the team. In Markova, the king dies leaving his sons Gregor and Brion in charge of the country. Meanwhile, the hero Metamorpho is in the country seeking out Dr. Jace in another attempt to cure himself. While Batman enlists the aid of Black Lightning to help find Lucius, the plan goes awry, when Black Lightning's planned capture it interrupted by Katana who has come to Markovia seeking revenge. During the altercation Black Lightning is captured, and Katana escapes.

Batman later finds the mysterious amnesiatic girl named Halo, and the two go seeking out Batman's friends, while in the Markovian palace. Brion is given powers by Dr. Jace, and becomes the hero Geoforce, however he is betrayed by his soldiers and shot in cold blood. Metamorpho tries to avenge the boy but is similarly captured.

Batman is soon also captured by the soldiers, leaving only Halo alone in the wilderness to figure out what to do. Coming too, Batman finds himself in a dungeon with the other heroes and Lucius, and soon finds out that he is a prisoner of Baron Bedlam.

Batman, Metamorpho, Black Lightning, and Lucius Fox are the prisoner of Baron Bedlam, who is seeking to reclaim the nation of Markovia after his family was ousted from power after the Nazi's lost World War II. Leaving his prisoners to aquire similar powers from Dr. Jace as she gave Markovian co-ruler Geoforce, the heroes manage to pool their resources and break free of their imprisonment. They then meet up with Katana, Halo and Geo-Force and work togeather to stop Brother Bedlam's army, while Metamorpho rescues Dr. Jace. Geoforce goes up against Brother Bedlam alone and easily defeats the villain, throwing him to the pesants of Markovia for suitable punishment.

With the battle won, Batman offers the group to return to Gotham City with him to find new purpose and work togeather as a team, and thus the Outsiders are born.