The Batman Reboot Franchise (2018) is an upcoming series of films made by Warner Bros, in association with DC Comics. Every film will star James Franco as Batman, Anton Yelchin as Robin, and Benedict Cumberbatch as Alfred Pennyworth. The film series has been compared both to Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan's adaptations of Batman in that it follows a similar dark approach. The series will start in 2018 with 'The Batman', and end in 2033 with 'Gotham City: Retribution'.

List of proposed filmsEdit

There will be six films in total in the franchise, lasting fifteen years all together.

1. The Batman (2018) 2. Knights of Gotham (2021) 3. Game of the Batman (2024) 4. Escape from Arkham (2027) 5. Trap of the Dark Knight (2030) 6. Gotham City: Retribution (2033)

The Batman (2018)Edit


Harvey Dent is A millionaire living in a mansion on the outskirts of Gotham City. He obtains his riches from bank robberies and is seen as one of the most dangerous men in Gotham. However, when a mugging goes wrong, and the city's main real estate dealers, the Waynes, are killed, Dent is forced to go into hiding in order to escape arrest. When he returns, he is no longer suspected. But the Waynes' son, Bruce, is still alive and well, and he never forgets a face. When Bruce Wayne takes to the streets of Gotham City to face his parents' killer, will he finally get justice for them?

Note: This film ends with the death of Harvey Dent.

Main cast:

James Franco as Bruce Wayne/Batman Benedict Cumberbatch as Alfred Pennyworth Robert De Niro as Harvey Dent/Two-Face Daniel Day Lewis as Jim Gordon

Knights of Gotham (2021)Edit


It has now been five years since Harvey Dent was brought to justice, and Bruce Wayne is no longer fighting crime as Batman. However, when a mafia begins attacking people in Gotham in broad daylight, and Bruce Wayne's true identity is threatened, Jim Gordon persuades Wayne to return to crime fighting. When Batman investigates further, he finds himself a worthy sidekick in mafia informant Dick Grayson. Together they look into the dealings of the mafia and find a ringleader behind all of the attacks. But who is Jack Napier? What is he hiding? And most of all, what does he want from Batman?

Note: This film ends with the Joker's capture and subsequent escape.

Main Cast:

James Franco as Bruce Wayne/Batman Anton Yelchin as Dick Grayson/Robin Benedict Cumberbatch as Alfred Pennyworth Daniel Day-Lewis as Jim Gordon Bryan Cranston as Jack Napier/The Joker

Game of the Batman (2024)Edit


Three years have now passed since the Joker's capture, and Gotham City appears safe once more. However, behind the scenes, Batman and Robin are still fighting crime, using technologies given to them by Bruce Wayne's business manager, Lucius Fox. A new menace stalks the streets of Gotham City, as encrypted messages continue to appear foretelling the Dark Knight's death. But what do the messages mean? Batman, Robin and Jim Gordon find out as they face the Riddler in the 'Game of the Batman'.


This film ends with the expulsion of the Riddler from Bruce Wayne's mind.

Main cast:

  • James Franco as Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Anton Yelchin as Dick Grayson/Robin
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Alfred Pennyworth
  • Daniel Day-Lewis as Jim Gordon
  • Idris Elba as Lucius Fox
  • Macaulay Culkin as the Riddler

(Plots for Escape from Arkham, Trap of the Dark Knight and Gotham City: Retribution to follow)

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