Batman: Arkham World is the sequel to Batman: Arkham City.


Villians Dlc includes:

Joker Story Mode, Hush Story Mode, Deadshot Story Mode

Hero Dlc includes:

Mr. Freeze Story Mode, Robin Story Mode, Catwoman Story Mode

Riddler Challenge Dlc includes:

More Riddler Challenges


After the events of Harley Quinn's Revenge, Batman starts to feel better about Joker and Talia Al Gul's deaths. He doesn't trust any public prisons anymore, so he transfers all of the "Supercriminals" to the new Batcave Cell Block. Meanwhile, in Gotham City, Metropolis, New York, Los Angles, Egypt, Bloodhaven, England, Paris, Tokyo, Greenland, Canada, Antarctica, Australia, Rio, and Germany people have been dying with a smile carved into their face. Not only that, but Alfred is very ill and will die in 48 hours. Batman doesn't know who's been killing everybody, because Joker is dead. The next day, Mr. Freeze contacts Batman and says that it is indeed Joker that has been killing everybody. Once Batman, Robin, and Mr. Freeze leave for Bloodhaven, all of the criminals break out of the Cell Block. They all escape and meet together with Joker. Alfred tells Batman that all of the criminals have escaped. As Batman and Robin arrive in Bloodhaven, they see that Nightwing is surrounded by Joker Goons. Batman and Robin help Nightwing defeat the goons andask Nightwing if he can help them defeat Joker. After that, Batman goes back to Gotham in hopes of defeating the first villain, Ra's Al Gul. Once Batman reaches Ra's, he states that nothing can kill him, even suicide. After Batman defeats Ra's, he goes to Metropolis to defeat Lex Luthor, who is plotting the death of Superman. Once he arrives, Batman temporarily teams up with Superman to defeat Luthor. After that, he goes to all of the other places until he gets to Germany where he defeats Joker once and for all.



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