2 cops must  a case about a 10 escape convicts who were once famous and ended up have a 24 year sentence.




  • Jules Barnes (Andrew Garfield) - 1st cop, in the end, Leaves for Detroit!
  • Jerry Noble (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) - 2nd cop, in the end, was shot by Hans, and ends up with a cast!
  • Ferris Chance (Gary Oldman) - the police captain, in a scene states, "Wer'e never going to let them get away!", in the end, apologizes to Jules, and bids him farewell!
  • Juliet Rhymes (Emma Stone) - Jules's love interest who has connection to one of the 10 escaped convicts, in the end, revealed to be the one who released the Convicts and was shot by Ferris to save Jules!
  • The 10 Escaped Convicts: - they were once Famous Mercenaries
    • Omar Rachins (Jonathan Adams)
    • Pete Reids (Mickey Rourke)
    • Tyson Ralph (Stephen Lang)
    • Joyce Frans (Uma Thurman)
    • Portor Johnson (Andy Dick)
    • Hans Van Kirkland (Jerry O'Connell)
    • Sweeny Jones (Tim Roth)
    • Lyle "Mad" Hatchet (Lance Henrikson)
    • Corey "Killer" Hatchet (Peter Stormare)
    • Ralph Openheimer (Stanley Tucci)
  • Lt. Eli Daniels (Patrick Stewart) - in the end, was killed by Ralph
  • St. Francis Doyle (Alfred Molina) - in the end, was promoted Lt.