after the events of arkam blackgate the joker two face and mad hatter begin to attack gothem it,s up

to batman to stop thier goons and stop gothem from being taken over chareters batman main protagonist

gorden deturtagonist joker main antagonist two face secondary antagonist mad hatter tertriy antagonist

mr toad supporting villain black mask secondary main antagonist anarky minor villain alberto falcone

secondary scondary antagonist the riddler secondary tertiry antagonist the penquin supporting villain

bane minor villain killer croc supporting villain black gate prisoners supporting villains rat catcher 

supporting villain bosses  anarky first boss mr toad mini boss bane second boss black mask 1

third boss  alberto falcone fourth boss black gate prisoner gang mini bosses riddler  fith boss

killer croc sixth boss black mask 2 mini boss mad hatter 1 setvheth boss  two face 1 eighteh boss

joker 1 nineth boss mad hatter 2 theth boss two face 2 eleventh boss joker 2 thwelth boss rat catcher

13th and final boss levels attack of the villains mexicen terror behined the mask mobster city

riddle my diddle sewer menace batman rises part 1 rises part 2 rises part 3 batman in wonderland

the two faces of evil  clowndown with a frown rat catcher goes bat catching

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