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Animal Crossing: The Series is the Television adaptation of Animal Crossing New Leaf and the possible coutinuation of the Animal Crossing film.


twins Lewis "Lou" and Sarah Meyer moves to the village Animal Town in order to make there futures bright but insted the Meyer twins becomes the Mayor's of Animal Town after the retirement of it's previous mayor.

The Meyer TwinsEdit

Lewis "Lou" MeyerEdit

The Main Male Protagonist and the oldest of the Meyer twins, Lou's dream is to become a sportsman but became Mayor of Animal Town along with his sister Sarah instead. while being mayor he starts collecting bugs and fishes.

Sarah MeyerEdit

The Main Female Protagonist and the youngest of the Meter twins, Sarah's dream is to become a fashion princess, but became Mayorette of Animal Town along with her brother Lou instead. while being mayor she decides to design clothes for the villigers.

The VillagersEdit


A cranky navy-blue Wolf, Wolfgang lived in Animal Town for 20 years with his mother but she then died of a fatiel disesse and vowels never to leave Animal Town.


A jock dark-grey Anteater, Antonio is the very attractive villager that some of the female villagers adore (Anabelle mostly) he moved to Animal Town to make his dream of becoming a sportsman similer to Lou. he became the second best friend of Lou during his stay.

Big TopEdit

A lazy pale gray  Elephant, Big Top was a villianish villager who started living in Animal Town to avoid Kid Cat, Agent S, and Rocket, this was revealed in the episode "The Super Heroes Visit" were they come to visit the Meyer Twins for the Summer Solstice, until Lou and Sarah convenced him to change his evil ways and witch over to the lazy life. he is the best friend of Lou


A smug grayish-blue Bear, Beardo is very gentelmanly and acts like the fatherly figure of Lou and Sarah because of there father's death.

Anabelle Edit

A peppy orange and yellow Anteater, Anabelle is highly attracted to Antonio and is an expert cheerleader and best friend to Sarah.