Otis Maurice is a 27 year old married man who tests out a new machine that will help him learn about his past, but then realizes that this wasn't his life. He then sets out to a journey to Mars, where he finds his true love and best friend.




  • Otis Maurice (Henry Cavill) - a 27-year old man who finds out his real life, in an accident, he lost his memory, and was set up by Clay Burton into thinking he was married 6 years, in the end, lives a normal life!
  • Briana Neil (Amanda Righetti) - Otis's true love, in the end, becomes Otis's wife!
  • Jeremy Nelson (Simon Pegg) - Otis's best friend, in the end, becomes Otis's neighbor!
  • Prof. George Breckonridge (Ben Kingsley) - the man who helped Otis test out the machine to remember his dreams, in the end, becomes a college prof.
  • Loren Grant (Clark Gregg) - the man who tells Otis to bring a case of Sodi Salaradium to him on Mars, so he can test the radiation, in the end, takes the Salaradium for research!
  • Clay Burton (Gary Oldman) - the main antagonist, his goal is to gain the Sodi Saliradium, he was capturing agents and made them lose their memories turning them into his men, in the end, was decapitated by his own war machine!
  • Nina Maurice/ Monica Welch (Isabel Lucas) - Otis's fake wife, and was an agent of Clay, she was thrown out the window by Briana
  • Nikki Johnson (Chris Zylka) - Otis's fake best friend, and was an agent of Clay, he was killed by Jeremy
  • Dr. Orson Proctor (Cirian Hinds) - the fake doctor hired by Clay to "help" Otis "come to his senses", and telling him that Monica is his wife, but when Otis sees a sweat on his face, he was forced to confess the truth and was arrested by Grant!