American Dad!: The Motion Picture is the first theatrical film based on the series.


This movie will be about the young hero named Stan Smith will be on a biggest mission by his boss told him that already cause he want to follow his boss rules for there's a member of CIA tired of these members keep push his buttons and now, some member from CIA will be traveling to New York and it's up to Stan Smith, his family, his job will say sorry to some member from CIA.


  • JOHN GOODMAN - Stan Smith, WILL FARRELL Roger Smith, CHRIS EVANS Greg Corbin
  • HELEN HUNT - Francine Smith
  • JAMI GERTZ - Hayley Smith-Fisher
  • TREVOR MORGAN - Steve Smith
  • SAM NEIL - Klaus Hessler
  • MICHAEL BERRYMAN - Dep. Director Avery Bullock
  • PATRICK BABBITT - Jack Smith
  • ALEXANDRA QUINN - Betty Smith
  • RICK MORANIS - Terry Bates
  • AL ROKER - Principal Brian Lewis
  • CHARLIE STEWART - Snot Lonstein
  • ADRIAN R MANTE - Barry Robinson
  • PAUL REUBENS - Toshi Yoshida
  • JIM CARREY - Jackson
  • STEPHEN TOBOLOWSKY - Dick Reynolds