Guest stars of Allen's house Edit

  • Race Car- A red car tin toy like windup toy that has a number "778" behind his back, he is created by Allen. He is voiced by "Craig McCracken".
  • Police #1- A policeman that looks fat wearing a tall hat smoking a pipe.
  • Barney the Purple Dinosaur- He is a guest star of this movie.

Misc. Edit

  • The Little Drummer Boy, Gummy Bear, Bitch Puddin', Mad Scientist, Petroleum Pete, Nerd, Yeast Monster, Panda with a Monocle, Bloopers Host, Unicorn, Humping Robot, Composite Santa Claus, etc. - ("Robot Chicken")
  • SPRX-77, Nova, Antauri, BT, Glenny, Nerd Kid, Mr. Cheepers, Mr. Gackslapper, a little girl, Ma, Pa Shankle and the citizens of Shuggzazoom City - ("Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!)
  • Bob the Ball, Little Cup, the Shoe Family, Doris, Mr. String and Plush - ("A Little Curious)
  • A tornado
  • A purple version of another Mr. Greedy
  • A cameo reappearing Bert and Ernie
  • A archer
  • A faun