A retired Vietnam war veteran and his son, venture on a New Year's Eve party, only to realize that the city is being destroyed by an alien invasion. And they must allie with a doctor, a hawaiian native, a cop, a motorcyclist, and old friend of Julian, a gunman, to stop the invasion.


October 17, 2014


  • Julian Rhyms (Sylvester Stallone) - a retired Vietnam War veteran, in the end, returns to Earth, and shake hands with the President!
  • Shane Rhyms (Shia LaBeouf) - Julian's son, who is asked by Julian to come, so they can try to bond again, in the end, marries the Princess, and rules it with a noble heart!
  • Dr. Winston Roland (Jude Law) - a doctor, in the end, learns about the alien cure to deal with Aids!
  • Holly Morris (Mila Kunis) - hawaiian native, in the end, gets a crush on Ferris!
  • Sgt. Ferris Johnson (Chris Rock) - a cop, in the end, kisses Holly on the Cheek!
  • Janus Boyd (James Franco) - a motorcyclist, in the end, leaves for Winconsin
  • Lloyd Berkley (Michael Keaton) - an old friend of Julian, and a a gunman, He lost his arm in the war which is replaced with a machine, in the end,
  • King Zorka (Hugo Weaving) - the king of his planet, D'Brys and world conqueror of Earth, he plans to destroy Earth, unknowingly, someone had called him, through a satellite around Vietnam, in the end,
  • Princess Coreneta (Naomie Harris) - the princess and Zorka's daughter, in the end, marries Shane!


At the end of the Vietnam War, Julian Rhyms and his best friend, Lloyd Berkley are seen fighting the Vietnamese, they win. 11 years later, Julian's wife (Jennifer Love Hewitt) is expecting a baby, thus was born Shane. In 2004, Shane was about to graduate high school, when suddenly a mysterious explosion, causes the school to explode and taking the life of his mother.

10 years later,

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