A CIA agent must find out who is planning to auction drugs, and is aided by some back-up to help him.


July 12, 2013


  • Agent Flint (Ben Stiller) - a CIA agent who is trying to find out who is auctioning drugs, in the end, fallows Gina to France!
  • Gina (Christine Taylor) - Flint's love interest, in the end, leaves for France!
  • Grant C. George (Eric Idle) - the head of the CIA, in the end, gets a cast on his leg, and congradulates Flint!


  • Jacque Decourk (Timothy Carhart) - Reason: for the mysterious Scar on his ankle, in the end, dies in the end!
  • Harry Ulth (Hugh Grant) - Reason: for his list he dropped of certain items, in the end, gets married to Harry!
  • Olga Regonoff (Marina Sirtis) - Reason: for her collection, in the end, gets sober, and gets married to Harry!
  • Billy Toothman (David Spade) - Reason: for being there at the scene of the crime, in the end, revealed to be an undercover agent!


  • Jacque Decourk (Timothy Carhart) - Reason: to gain the profit that was left since 1978, in the end, after a fist fight with Flint, Flint grabs a knife and stabs him in the stomach and pushing him into the river off the boat