After his 18 year working time, Vance Ferris is husband who finally meets his children, and tries well to bond with them.


June 27, 2014


  • Vance Ferris (Michael Fassbender) - a man who got back from his 18 year working time and re-unites with his wife and meets his children, in the end, reunites with his family
  • Penelope Ferris (Sarah Michelle Gellar) - Vance's wife, who was waiting for Vance to meet his children in Lyle born in 1997, Jenine born in 2001 and Whitney born in 2004, she asks him to connect with Lyle, while she plays with Jenine and Whitney, in the end, relaxes and is expecting a fourth child!
  • Lyle Ferris (Jonah Bobo) - Vance's son, born in 1997, he may bond with him, in the end, understands his father!
  • Jenine and Whitney (Taylor and Claire Geare) - Lyle's 2 daughters, while Penelope plays with them, in the end, scream when another baby is coming!
  • Julian Wayne (Matthew Lillard) - Vance's previous business worker, in the end, gets promoted Field officer
  • Horus Jackson (Zach Galifiankis) - aids Vance to bond with his son, by giving him a skateboard, snowboard, motercycle, in the end, spends some time with the kids!
  • Louis Mane (Robin Williams) - Penelope's father, he appreciates it better for his daughter to marry someone else like Jasper, in the end, gets kicked in the shin by Whitney, and called him a bad grandpa!
  • Jasper Williams (Brad Pitt) - Vance's love rival, Louis picked him out to be someone else to marry, it turns out that he just wanted the money, in the end, was Shot by a policeman!



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