From the producer of Zack Snyder, in the 1980's, when his father is sent to prison for 45, 17-year old Grady, under the care of his grandfather, does something he hasn't done in a long-time, go to high school, he learns other things, like running the track.


October 17, 2014


  • Grady Chase (Ryan Kelley) - 17-years old, born in 1964, he goes to High School, and he joins the track, in the end, gets graduated, and heads off to Camp!
  • Camile Duran (Brooklyn Decker) - a high school cheerleader who dates Balthasar, until she saw Grady as a new student, in the end, starts dating him!
  • James Chase (Dennis Quaid) - Grady's father, who serves a 45-year life sentence, and asks for Quinton to take good care of Grady, in the end, his name is cleared, and is released!
  • Quinton Chase (John Lithgow) - Grady's grandfather, who vowed to watch Grady when James was sent to prison, in the end, He had a heartattack on Sunday!
  • Principle Hans Ferguson (Morgan Freeman) - the school principle of Lesley Hall High, in the end, is seen gradulating Grady!
  • Bruce Davidson (Thom Barry) - the school secretary, has the same tone as Bingham from Forever Strong, he messes with Grady every time he comes to and leaves the office, in the end, admits he was wrong!
  • Angus Breech (Kevin Bacon) - Grady's school teacher, who has a serious tone, in one scene, Grady arrived at his desk, to show him his green folder, empty and showed to his grandfather, in the end, he was revealed to committed the crime that James was framed for and was arrested!
  • Nikki Young (Nikki Blonsky) - Grady's classmate, she shows a crush on Boyd, in the end, starts dating Boyd!
  • Boyd Cranston (Corbin Bleu) - Grady's classmate and partner in the track, they became the best of friends, in the end, he gains a friendship, and a girl!
  • Vincent Lloyd (Ben Whishaw) - Grady's classmate, and a science nerd, and is often bullied by Balthasar, though Grady comes by and defended him, in the end, Balthasar killed him!
  • Balthasar Rasputin (Sage Brocklebank) - a jock and Grady's rival, and Camile's snobbish and sadistic boyfriend, he also bullies Vincent, his true personality is a serial killer, and a psycho, in the end, falls to his death in a Crocodiles pin in the zoo!
  • Grant Hughes (Jamie Harris) - Balthasar's fellow jock, he aids Balthasar and Kirk against Grady and Boyd, in the end, He was arrested.
  • Kirk Leslie (Edi Gathegi) - Balthasar's fellow jock, he aids Balthasar and Grant against Grady and Boyd, in the end, he was arrested.
  • Whilmer Serkis (Dwayne Johnson) - the gym coach and Grady's father figure, he defends Grady whether he is bullied and hurt, in the end, sees Grady as his own man!
  • Ingrid Ferris (Sigourney Weaver) - the vice principle, in the end, is seen with Whilmer about his promotion!
  • Sheriff Orson Harris (Tommy Lee Jones) - the sheriff of the town of Lesley, when James was caught doing illegal business at the beginning of the film, he was sentenced 45-years to life in prison, while Harris arrested him, when he met Grady, he warns him to not follow the same path as his father, in the end, apologizes to James and retires after arresting Breech and Balthasar's jocks.
  • Deputy Peter Joyce (Topher Grace) - Harris's deputy, who aids him on any thing, when he learned that Balthasar killed Vincent on 2:15, he alerted Harris, Grady, Serkis and Boyd at the Zoo, while he, Harris and Serkis were rescuing Camille from the Tiger, Grady and Boyd fought off Balthasar, Grant and Kirk, in the end, was killed by Kirk.