From the director of Transformers, for 30 years, a scientist at age 66 dies of Alzheimer's disease before reprogramming his built son, a cyborg. In 2013, ARTHUR, the cyborg, takes a view at the whole world, and meets a beautiful girl, Erika Jones, whom was punched by her ex-boyfriend, after slapping him, though ARTHUR defends Erika and fends off Paul Brando , and the 2 become a couple, but when his creator's superior keeps eyes on him in order to bring him back, to create more super soldiers to track him and find him, as they try to capture him, but they kept running away from them.


April 19, 2013


  • A.R.T.H.U.R. (short for American, Robotic, Teen, of Honor, and Ultimate Rescue) (Andrew Garfield) - an amnesian cyborg, who believes himself to be human, has been created in 1984, in the end, goes into a Human body and live a normal life as Arthur Gordon!
  • Erika Jones (Emma Stone) - ARTHUR's love interest, in the end, gets to be a Cyborg known as E.R.I.K.A. (short for Environmental, Resource, of Inventive, Karma, Association) and becomes Arthur's guardian!
  • Prof. Issac Gordon (Tim Matheson, Neil Patrick Harris at age 37) - ARTHUR's creator and father, died of Alzheimer's disease at age 66, created ARTHUR in 1984 at age 37
  • Paul Brando (Ryan Gosling) - Erika's ex-boyfriend, in the end, gets killed by Hellstrom and and made into a Monstrous Machine which is destroyed by A.R.T.H.U.R.
  • General Jordon Brown (John Lithgow) - the main antagonist and head of Project A.R.G.O. (short for Android, Radiation, Games, Organization) wants ARTHUR's blood in order to create an army of cyborgs, in the end, gets blown up in the A.R.G.O. Base!
  • Colonel Trevor Hellstrom (Ryan Reynolds) - the secondary antagonist, in the end, Becomes H.E.L.L. (short for Hellstrom, Electronic, of Legal Leisure), and is seen in the end reactivated!
  • Lt. Proctor Hans Jane (Jeremy Renner) - helps ARTHUR try to escape Project A.R.G.O., in the end, sacrifices his life when the A.R.G.O. got blown up!
  • Servarius Joe (Cirian Hinds) - the tertiary antagonist, who was offered by Brown to hunt down and find ARTHUR, in the end, Gets shot for his failure!
  • Marge Grant (Rosaro Dawson) - the "Blue Fairy" of this film, and a mother figure to ARTHUR, in the end, raises Arthur as her own son!
  • George and Martha (Martin Sheen and Sally Field) - a farm couple, who took in ARTHUR, though are worried that people see him as a freak, though George stood by ARTHUR and said, "The boy couldn't help his strength", in the end, they visit Arthur.