the 7teen gang of are Ready for Graduation,But they Realize They'll be separated after graduating from high school and they discover the nefarious plan of CBO Manager Rex Millioniare (Thomas Haden Church) is plaining to Destroy the Galleria Mall and turn it into a Casino,So the Gang Band together to stage the Music Telethon to raise $12-million to Save the mall.


The Wilddogs were trailing the West High Knights, and the Wilddogs enter the locker room for the final period feeling bitter. Team captain Zack rallies the team's spirit and, thanks to Keenen, the Wilddogs win the championship game which is the last one for the seniors on the squad at East High. Later, at Zack's after-match party at his house, Jonesy and Nina are seen thinking about their future and wishing that their last few months at East High would not end.

before Malcolm's parents come to pick him up. However, he learns that they can't come because of getting a huge cut of a gold mining expedition via video chat.

The Next Morning Malcolm discovers ron selling the Mall to an oil magnate named Rex Millionaire.Ron explains that if the gang can raise $12 million they can repurchase the mall. After he leave the office, Malcolm overhears Millionaire's revealing his plans to destroy the Mall and Turn it into a Casino.

The gang pitch their Musical telethon idea to several television networks, but are rejected. Due to a popular show's sudden cancellation resulting from a lawsuit, CDE executive Veronica gives the Gang a two-hour opening in the network's schedule on the condition that they find a celebrity guest. The Gang repair the mall, but their first rehearsal is terrible and Jen was able to find Queen Latifah.

at the Masterson-Garica,Emma Gives Jen a Special Locket to Put around her Neck,With a Picture in it with Herself and Jen and Courtney When they were Young and To Remind her that She is Always here for Jen. Marlowe's parents are also taking the opportunity to talk to Marlowe, and decide to reveal the truth concerning Marlowe's adoption, which he had long been in denial about. Marlowe also confesses to how her obsession with the band came as a result of this denial. By the end of the conversation, Marlowe and her parents seem closer than ever before.

In the night of the Musical Telethon,The gang stand the Best Musical Songs,after their last Song they were able to raise 12 million dollars.As they a Celebrate,Rex Refuses to Surrender and threaten to Shoot anything with a Gun,But he pulled the Trigger they were no Bullets and He got Arrested to the end.

At the graduation ceremony, Zack gives the class speech, because Ms. Darbus selected him, not because he had the best grades. Throwing their caps in the air, the graduates form a giant Wilddog before breaking out into song and dance (This is our Year).

Voice castEdit

Megan Fahlenbock- Jen Masterson/Jane Anderson

Kelly Blatz as Zack Thompson

Terry McGurrin- Jonesy Garica/Smithy Rodriguez

Samantha Boscarino- Nina Martinez

Jason Griffith- Malcolm Reese

Brooke D'Orsay- Caitlin Cooke

Christian Potenza-Jude Lizowski

Jess Gibbons-Wyatt Williams

Thomas Haden Church-Rex Millioniare

Julie Lemieux-Amelie Vireneta/Denise Vireneta/Brigitte Vireneta

Krista Sutton-Courtney Masterson

Madison Pettis-Jessica Thompson

Peyton List-Chelsea Thompson

Mark Rendall-Diego Garica

Scott Beaudin-Robbie Garica

Barbara Mamabolo-Amber Patterson

Drew Nelson-Spencer Andrews

Blake Michael-Orlando Mattews

Bryn McAuley-Rebecca Sanchez

Miranda Cosgrove-Maya Mantle

Victoria Justice-Naya Mantle

Carleigh Beverley-Hilary Sorken

Scott McCord-Ethan Spaulding

Sydney Imbeau-Ellen Spaulding

Mark Hildreth-Zeke Baxter

Sunday Muse-Marlowe Hall

Meaghan Rath-Zoey Mclean

Katie Griffin-Lydia Allen/Rita Allen

Jeremy Harris-Hunter Murdock/Vince Murdock

Maggie Blue O'Hara-Katherine Wilson

Adam Hicks-Alan Richler

Anastasia Phillips-Marcy Masterson

Hutch Dano -Chris Richler

Danielle Judovits-Kimberly Masterson

Josh Keaton-Blake Richler

Jennifer Hale-Samantha Jordan

Greg Cipes-Dean Richler

Vas Saranga-Damien Garica

Kristin Fairlie-Joanie Parks

Jesse Rath-Justin Garica

Caitlyn Taylor Love -Mikayla Ayala

Tiago Abreu-Henry Gracia

Eric Lopez-Mark Gracia

Mark Hildreth-Zeke Baxter

Alyson Stoner-Janice Harrington

Sam Vincent-Martin Banks

Wendee Lee-Fiona Harrington

Matt Hill-Marvin Banks

Ashleigh Ball-Flora Harrington

Danica McKellar-Megan Harrington

Nolan North-Nick Monroe

Joe Jonas-Roscoe Vendetta

Denyse Tontz -Nia Ramírez

Kevin Jonas-Caruso Vendetta

Nick Jonas -DeSoto Vendetta

Lacey Chabert-Nicole Monroe/Laura Munroe

Emily Williams-Jycella Rockwaller

Tyler James Williams-Dante Robinson

Keke Palmer -Sasha McCloud

Fabrizio "Fab" Filippo-Alex Baxter

Stephanie Lemelin-Amy Baxter

Brittany Adams-Angel Jones

Leo Howard-Keenen Thomas

Nick Robinson-Ricardo Vendetta

Mateo Arias-Rico Vendetta

Jake T. Austin-Rondo Vendetta

Moisés Arias-Roy Vendetta

Aria Wallace-Charlene Harrington

Olivia Holt -Darlene Harrington

Laine MacNeil-Faline Spaulding

Oana Gregory-Rosa Martinez

Kathleen Laskey-Emma Masterson-Garica

Dan Castellaneta-Brian Garica

Steve Downes-Adam Masterson

Lara Gilchrist-Stella Anderson

María Canals Barrera-Miranda Martinez

David Barrera-Ryan Martinez

Clare Carey-Shiera Hall

Rino Romano-Carter Hall

Cameo guest starsEdit

Brendan Fraser as Himself

Queen Latifah as Herself as Himself

Ice Cube as Himself

Bella Thorne as Herself

Zendaya as Herself

Cody Simpson as Himself

Victoria Duffield as Herself

Ben Stiller as Himself

Heather Graham as Herself


1.Now or Never:Sang by Jonesy,Zack,Nina and the Wilddogs.

2.Right Here,Right Now:Sang by Jonesy Garica and Nina Martinez.

3.We Bulit this City:Sang by the 7teen Gang.

4.Would Change a Thing:Sang by Jen,Nina,Zack and Jonesy

5.Slipping Through My Fingers:Sang by Emma Masterson and Courtney Masterson.

6.A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes:Sang By Spencer,Orlando,Amber,Rebecca,Ethan and Hilary.

7.Hasta La Vista:Sang By Damien,Josh,Joanie,Mikayla,Henry,Mark,Maya and Naya.

8.Love will find a way:Sang by Zeke Baxter and Janice Harrington.

9.Breaking Free:Sang by Chris Patterson and Marcy Samson.

10.What We Came Here For:Sang by the 7teen gang.

11.This our Year:Sang by the 7teen gang.

12.We are the World:Sang of the 7teen gang.


7teen LA adventure is Coming August 27, 2016