Lloyd McCray and his daughter are trying to protect 4 baby ducks before any harm comes to them.




  • Lloyd McCray (Eddie Murphy) - a man who lives with his daughter in order for her to pursue a better future, and all of a sudden he comes across a bunch of baby ducks, who are homeless, as he ends up taking care of them, so he can find their mother, in the end, makes a wildlife preserve in Alaska.
  • Gertrude McCray (Zendaya) - Lloyd's daughter, who wants to pursue a better future in college than being a dancer in Ibiza, she seems to take a liking to the baby ducks, in the end, makes it into Davenport University.
  • The four baby ducks - adopted by Gertrude so he could find their mother, in the end, are grown and flying with their colony.
  • Mama Duck - searches for her babies, in the end, flies with her young.
  • Cade Wallace (Patton Oswalt) - Lloyd's best friend and co-worker and helps him and Gertrude protect the ducks, in the end, is seen with a ranger overlooking the migration.
  • Samson Roland (Bradley Cooper) - the main antagonist, Lloyd's boss, his goal is to control the City, in the end, was sentence to prison
  • Paula Roland (Rose Byrne) - the secondary antagonist and Samson's wife, she is very greedy, she has the same tone as Rayna from Spy, in the end, she was seen in a psycho ward.
  • Hugh Tubman (Tim Curry) - the tertiary antagonist and Sullivan's right-hand, he poses a duck keeper to try and take the ducks, in the end, gets beat up by Jason for breaking the window!
  • Jason Evans (Matthew Broderick) - the unspeakable window repairer to Samson's office, because he cares about his window, in the end, tells Samson I Quit!
  • Henry (John Cena) - the duck's father, whose CGI with a duck head and a body, he appears at the end being called by his mama duck whose tells Samson on him that he sent Hugh to capture the ducks and auction them to a science lab, and that he was smart too, and Henry angrily states, "He did?", then catches Roland off guard.



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